bright cut

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    rose petals

    Any idea what tool was used to bright cut the petals on this rose?
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    A few Kershaw knives I've engraved, and a couple other things for you to peruse.

    Here are a few of my projects. Bright cut Kershaw by Ken Onion with anodized scales. Mild steel disk, for practice. Brass practice for hammer and chisel with inlay. Completely hand forged and finished hawk made from a Plumb ball pein hammer. No power tools used.
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    Question: Stippling background for simple brightcut script

    Hi Guys! :tiphat: Looking for some tips on stippling the background of a simply cut word. When I stipple before cutting, it makes for an extremely unpredictable surface to engrave on. Additionally, I cannot find a decent way of clearly marking out the letters, as the stipple really camouflages...
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    Pewter engraving

    Is it possible to bright cut engrave Pewter??
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    Soldering bezel after bright cut??

    Is it possible to solder a bezel into place after you have bright cut the immediate perimeter area of where the bezel will be?? Does the heat and pickling ruin the bright cut?? Thanks, Ross

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