1. K

    Phosphor bronze Canada

    I am trying to source phosphor bronze somewhere in Canada and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I am hoping to find 14 gauge and I would like to do some stone setting samples as well.
  2. G

    What tools are used to engrave fine detail into cast bronze?

    Hi there, I am hoping to engrave finely detailed numbers into a cast bronze sculpture, I started out using a Dremel multi pro 395 with a 3/32nd diamond bit, but the lines weren't thin enough and I didn't have the necessary precision down. I have never done engraving before, so forgive my...
  3. Chujybear

    Stone Ribs Pole, bronze

    I'm just waiting for some pictures to load... just figured out how to load to a post from file.. al least i think i have. this is for Marrinan, who was asking for some images. this is my last project that i have finished. it i an eight and a half fooot bronze pole that i cast from a...