1. C

    Gravers burs handpiece help needed

    I moreless bought out an old jewelers store. I have a lot of older gravers and burs and handpieces. I would like to sell in bulk. Would this be the place to do that. I am not knowledgeable on this, but I know some on this site would like it. I believe it is all unused. Thanks, Tony I will be...
  2. R

    Help, please: Advice on how to properly form gravers (without untempering them)

    Hi there, I am making make first steps engraving typographic punches. If you don't know about it is the traditional technique to design letterform for movable types. A letter is cut on the face of a steel punch with files and gravers (mostly used for the letter's counters). My problem is I...
  3. F

    HELP*** Questions on what gravers to purchase and what kind?????

    Hey guys so I am new to engraving but am very dedicated in learning so here are my questions: Background: I own a GRS GraverSmith with a 901 Hand piece. I also bought a couple of different Quick Change Gravers for it 1. What other gravers will fit into the 901 hand piece besides the GRS...
  4. E

    Question: Curved Vs Straight Graver

    Hello everyone! Just curious as to everyones preference when it comes to curved VS straight gravers. I am using a nGraver system that came with a 90 degree graver that I use for more applications then I probably should. I ordered a 120 degree graver from GRS and its straight. Whenever I use this...
  5. Turquoise Tiger

    Question: For UK Engravers - where do you source your blanks?

    Hello to UK Engravers, I am wondering where you source your graver blanks, as having some difficulty finding economical options. Can anyone point me in a good direction?
  6. M

    Help, please: using hand gravers in quickchange handpiece holders?

    I'm attempting to jump into sharpening this evening and I have boxes and boxes full of these gravers that were in wooden handles for hand push engraving. Is there a way I can use these with my magnum 901 handpiece with quick change holders? Do they have to be shortened? Can I just round out the...
  7. F

    Question: Lindsay and GRS graver compatibility

    Hello, this question is in regards to beginner tool purchasing. I am interested in the art, but have limited means for equipment. I wanted to try out a bit of hand push engraving and was looking at the Lindsay site and the GRS site and am very confused about which graver blades can work in a...
  8. Jericho

    Question: Engraving Tool Preferences

    :thinking: I am starting to think about getting a "true" engraving tool. I have started out with a high quality rotary tool (which against popular belief does not make a total mess of projects) but I see the obvious need for a tool that can get crisp thin cuts on the knives and firearms that I...
  9. Baygraver

    Graver steel preparation

    I have been using some liner gravers from EC Muller and am beginning to think they come in an annealed (soft) state. This is because they seem to lose their edge rather quickly in soft metals, like copper and brass. I’ve emailed them via their website, but so far no answer. I remember...

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