1. Chujybear

    Stone Ribs Pole, bronze

    I'm just waiting for some pictures to load... just figured out how to load to a post from file.. al least i think i have. this is for Marrinan, who was asking for some images. this is my last project that i have finished. it i an eight and a half fooot bronze pole that i cast from a...
  2. Chujybear

    Some fun on 22kt

    Ya I never post. Turns out its easier than I thought. (All assuming the attachment works). Bracelet done for my brothers wife. Slightly outside of my usual fair. Just a bit of mostly straight engraving.
  3. Chujybear

    My first work as a curator : erotica

    Besides the labels that I engraved for my pieces, and a couple jewlery pieces in the show, this might be considered off topic. But I am riding the high coming off opening night of a show that I have been working on for the last year. Erotica on the northwest coast. Something that has...

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