hand engraving

  1. D

    Hiring for Hand Engraver

    I'm looking to hire for a contracted hand engraver position for my map-making business. The engravings will be on large copper plates and require skills for lettering and artistic illustrations. Here's the link to the job description: https://www.columbuscartography.com/jobs
  2. JJ Roberts

    Browning BAR

    Browning BAR 270 Being engraved with six game scenes. Working on the bear...
  3. Monica

    Intro. to Push Graving by Dimas Sánchez Moradiellos

    I've watched a few videos by Dimas. He is a jewelry engraver from Spain and just uploaded this video for people wanting to learn. It is really fantastic. I hope it is helpful to beginners here, whether you understand Spanish or not.
  4. V

    Hand engraved watch

    Hand engraved watch - Seiko 5
  5. F

    HELP*** Questions on what gravers to purchase and what kind?????

    Hey guys so I am new to engraving but am very dedicated in learning so here are my questions: Background: I own a GRS GraverSmith with a 901 Hand piece. I also bought a couple of different Quick Change Gravers for it 1. What other gravers will fit into the 901 hand piece besides the GRS...
  6. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Engraved Titanim eyeglasses

    You probably remember my attempt on FES and FAS Here is the first result of a pair Titanium grade 5 eyeglasses I engraved. Later if you like more, I will add my fine English version on another pair of Ti eyeglasses I finished recently. arnaud
  7. DakotaDocMartin

    Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry by Tom Turpin

    I just got my copy of this newly released book from Amazon. Chapter 10 is chock full of Custom Engravers who are members of The Engraver's Cafe. :thumbsup: Modern Custom Guns: Walnut, Steel, and Uncommon Artistry by Tom Turpin

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