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  1. M

    Practice plate: how would you shade this pattern?;

    Hi, first time posting here and also generally new to engraving, so I hope I don’t make any egregious errors. I’m a goldsmith with ~6 years of practice at the bench, mostly in hand fabrication. I’ve taken 2 GRS classes for stone setting, and the second was taught by Todd Daniels, which...
  2. Lonepine

    Question: Requesting advice. engraving on cerakote?

    I've been given a basic JA industries pistol by a friend to engrave. its not planned on being the most complex engraving, but i wanted to ask those with more experience then me their opinion of engraving a cerakoted gun? any advice appreciated, my main concern would be chipping, however i dont...
  3. L

    Absolute beginner question

    Hi all, Last week was the first time I picked up and attempted to use my hand push gravers. I have a large copper plate divided out into lines to practice lines and curves on. I am wondering if there is something (video, pictures, book etc...) out there, a guideline, as to what my lines should...
  4. B

    clean line ends with hammer and chisel - newbie question

    I'm in very early stages of learning to engrave with hammer and chisel, using a homemade square graver. I am having trouble getting clean line ends in mild steel. In the tutorials I watched, the engraver appears to slice the the chip off by prying the tip sharply upward at the end of the cut...

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