1. M

    A few Kershaw knives I've engraved, and a couple other things for you to peruse.

    Here are a few of my projects. Bright cut Kershaw by Ken Onion with anodized scales. Mild steel disk, for practice. Brass practice for hammer and chisel with inlay. Completely hand forged and finished hawk made from a Plumb ball pein hammer. No power tools used.
  2. Toddmichael

    Help, please: Engraving Supplies to Practice and or Sell

    Good Day All; I am new to the forum and engraving, we are getting more request for knives, flasks, and cigar items that can be engraved. So i am hoping someone has a source for items to buy and practice on for selling in our store? Can anyone help? Additionally, I would be...
  3. Jakob Johansson

    Announcement: Traditionally Engraved Knives - by LGdagger

    Hello! I am new on this forum and i am helping my good friend Lars-Göran Dolk on this forum. He make engraved knives in a traditional way by hand. All work he has done is handmade, even the drawing. Here is an example of one of the knives he have made! We both are from Sweden so excuse if my...
  4. vilts

    Engraved damasteel knife

    This knife has been long time in the making, but today I finally finished the engraving too. Knife itself was ready more than a month ago. As I really liked how the damasteel (Swedish stainless damascus) turned out, I put on it engraving that's worth more than I got paid, but I couldn't help...