1. H

    Question: AmScope 6 Watt LED Dual Gooseneck Lights

    I've been using the 22-watt fluorescent light in my magnifying lamp to illuminate my practice plate mounted in a vise. I don't look through magnifying lens, but instead use an Optivisor for magnification. My shop also has 4-foot LED ceiling lights. Still I need more direct lighting on the...
  2. DakotaDocMartin

    Firearms Photography Lighting Setup - How it's done for the Walther catalog

    An old photographer friend of mine sent me a bunch of photos of how the firearms photos are being made for the new Walther catalog. I am sharing them with you. I think the use of soft boxes, diffusers, white card stock reflectors, hanging wires, etc. will help anyone wishing to improve their...

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