1. E

    Good news from Endurance. Some great experiments made.

    A lot of people follow Endurance’s production news and are excited when we share our results. So, today is a good day to tell you about our accomplishments. The good news is that we are about to test our new 7.8W diode laser. It will be the most powerful diode laser from Endurance. Just...
  2. R

    Easy image Transfer Method using a Laser Printer.

    I recently posted a video on youtube and did a short how to on image transferring that I use that is extremely effective. I thought I would post it here since this is the first forum I ever joined. And people were helpful to me. I noticed there was a lot of people on the interweb looking for...
  3. RedfordTrails

    Help, please: Printer Tranfers by Acetone

    Sorry to beat a dead horse. I know this topic has been covered, and I read a handful of articles before I began my attempts. I am 1 for 50 on results I am happy with, so I came back here to start a thread that may answer my questions and help other new engravers. Surface Prep? So far a 2K...
  4. K

    Help, please: Printer ink that will transfer

    Just starting out engraving, need to know of a cheap printer, that the ink will transfer on. I've tried from two different printers I have, and they both didn't work. Then I tried with a leftover pattern from C.J. Allan's class and it worked out fine. I was wondering if it is a certain type...