1. JJ Roberts

    Rust Busters

    Here's an FN 1922 .32 Before and after example.
  2. JJ Roberts

    Colt Super .38 Restored

    Colt Super .38 Restored
  3. W

    Question: Lieder microscope restoration

    I bought a Lieder microscope for dirt cheep when I was just starting out. It was very used and abused but a real steal and good enough for a beginner but I feel my skill has progressed to the point that I either need to restore it or get a new scope. Does anyone have any experience with this...
  4. JJ Roberts

    Latest Restoration Remington Model 11 D-Grade

    Here is the latest restoration on a Remington Model 11 D-Grade. This Remington had left the factory in 1923. It did have some pitting, but not that bad. The bluing was stripped, we carefully hand polished it & will be slow rust blued. I have my other assistant working on the stock, stripping off...

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