1. N

    Question: Thoughts on engraving onto plastic?

    Hello all! I've recently been trying to "engrave" on a plastic laptop case. Initially, I tried to use a rotary engraving tool, but the lines produced were unsatisfactory, as the lines were rough, and weren't "clean". As a result I'm curious to know if any engravers on this forum have ever tried...
  2. M

    Home made tools.

    After seeing the interest in home made engraving tools I thought I would show my DIY engraving vises. Here is the first one I made, it has a body/ball made from a stainless steel garden shop gazing ball. I made a spindle on the lathe from tubing with two ball bearings to support the top plate...
  3. E

    Question: Curved Vs Straight Graver

    Hello everyone! Just curious as to everyones preference when it comes to curved VS straight gravers. I am using a nGraver system that came with a 90 degree graver that I use for more applications then I probably should. I ordered a 120 degree graver from GRS and its straight. Whenever I use this...
  4. O

    Ball vise purchase

    hello fellow Engravers, Tools are very importand in every profession. A key item for Engravers is the Ball vise. As an engraving Student my budget is streched and therefore I was looking for an economic solution for my ball vise. I like to share with you my experience. After analysing the...
  5. Jericho

    Question: Engraving Tool Preferences

    :thinking: I am starting to think about getting a "true" engraving tool. I have started out with a high quality rotary tool (which against popular belief does not make a total mess of projects) but I see the obvious need for a tool that can get crisp thin cuts on the knives and firearms that I...
  6. D

    Help, please: Engraving rifle barrels

    This is my first post to this site. I have been researching the best way or new ideas to hold and rotate a rifle barrel for engraving. I have seen a read about some innovative ways. I’m asking this forum for help because you are the experts. I could muddle my way by trial and error, but I...
  7. KCSteve

    Another happy RingGenie owner!

    Been selling Hobo Nickels to bring in a little money. Not getting that much yet, but at least I'm able to pay for my own toys, one of which is a RingGenie. I got the 'plus' kit because it strikes me as the best value. You get the RingGenie, the lovely wooden box, the layout guide -...
  8. D

    Help, please: Looking for tool advise.

    Hello all, I am a complete newbie looking for some advise. We need to make some simple name tags for the disks on pet collars. The catch is that we need the engraving to be as quiet as possible. We don't mind paying extra for the quietest tool we can get, so we are open to any ideas you...
  9. M

    New student,,,

    HELLO I am a new student to this skill, * books to read * where to buy tools * sharpening * smiles, and everything else,, Well, all things can be overcome with humor,,, look forward to learning,, MWT

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