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Hi. I would like to buy GraverSmith with handpiece. I am in uk. Let me know if it is still for sale. Thanks. Michal.
Pleasae clear my posts urgently as I want to buy equipment and dont want to miss out. Thank you.
Hi Sam, I having trouble figuring out how to post to the buy/sell forum. Literally I don't see a 'new post' button. Is this a case of selective blindness? Thanks!
Hope you don't like KC chicken. Saw the one in Eden exploded
Yep, blew up at 12:30 am. We live about a mile from there and didn't hear anything as we were asleep at that time. I was happy to see no one was injured. It is suspected the cause was a gas leak.
where did you get the jerimiah watt videos? i aspire to do cowboy silver and would like to get those videos but cant find them anywhere.
Trying to learn about half-tone engraving for an upcoming project of mine. Know anyone?
I have two engraved guns done by your grandfather, trappers model 92 winchester 44/40 & colt frontier six shooter 44/40 . The guns were done together late fiftys early sixties, they were left to me by my late father, there extremely engraved & have gold , silver inlays matching one another, any info would be appreciated ,have pics of guns , please contact or Email
send money to;
Lee Griffiths
25 S Main
Hyde Park, UT

Cash is always best. One fellow sent me cash in an old video case, quite creative. Do you need a receipt for the business? Include return shipping instructions and have fun.
jeweler jake
I have a personal rule in which cash exchanges hands only. Internet is credit card or PayPal. Give me a call. 5303708100. Thanks, jake.
jeweler jake
So...wanna sell it? I can do PayPal, credit, personal check, or if you come near boise cash.
Hello, regarding CL9000, I have changed my mind, I will sell CL9000 if you are interested. Email me on You can ask my credibility to Edward Grabow I sold many items to him. Asking price is USD1400. plus shipping also if you are paying by PayPal add 90 for PayPal fee. Where do you live?
E-Mail me on above email. If you are interested. Cheers. Amir
Hi, I bought a lamp two days ago, thanks.
I am interested. Here is my email I do not have an email for you
Dave London
Dave London
Ok I sent you a email either address will work
Hola Leonardo mi nombre es Lisandro y soy de lanus, me gustaria tener uno para mi lupa no llevo mucho tiempo grabando pero estaba pensando en ese sistema, mi mail es lisasuge@hotmail.con, si le parece bien me escribe y combinamos, gracias un saludo y encantado,Lisandro
Juliet,If are interested in a engraving class I teach engraving in Manassas Virginia and have a Lindsay engraving tool and sharping system,I can be reached at 703-330-0448 or J.J.Roberts
Sam, I ran into this before and now again. I can't read previous parts of a post or should I say scroll back to read parts I read on other days. Whats wrong and how can we fix it?????

Bailey Bradshaw here. I was hoping you could help with a contact for Mr. Hurst's estate. He was engraving an action for a rifle I built, but passed away before completing it. I am trying to have the action returned so I can finish the rifle for my customer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the Best
Bailey Bradshaw

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