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I responded on the forum not sure what happened to it? I am interested in purchasing all of your equipment. Please contact me at the e-mail I sent to you last night so we can work out some form of payment and shipping looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Sir,
I posted pics of an engraved colt official police and was looking for any help with who the engraver might be
I have written a response to you but it is waiting on mediator approval. Just wondering what type of work you have used this microscope for? I'm a new engraver have taken a couple of classes from GRS both were good. Need to know if you have a way to make everything safe for shipping? Any idea what this will cost to ship? Not sure how to send a pm?
I would like to have copies of the engraving done by your grandfather and I am happy to provide you with pics of those I have.
Mr. Gaylord - Leonard (Len) Brownell the past gunmaker from Wyarno, WY used your grandfather on many of the rifles he built. Len was instrumental in me becoming a professional gunmaker. You probably have pictures of most of these that was photographed of your grandfather's work on Len's guns but I also have a few. I am not sure how I can convey to you what I have that you may not have.
Hi Arnaud.
I am in France. In Nantes. Screening my movie. I think you are far away from where I am. But I thought I would drop you a line on the remote chance that you are not that far and I might say hello, or you could come see my movie.

I am sorry, but I am not willing to ship the equipment overseas.

I have an engraver and ball vice for sale. Excellent condition. Any interest? I also have no idea what to ask for it.
Do you have any details on those? Photos? Condition? I may be interested but need more info please
Hi. I would like to buy GraverSmith with handpiece. I am in uk. Let me know if it is still for sale. Thanks. Michal.
Pleasae clear my posts urgently as I want to buy equipment and dont want to miss out. Thank you.
Hi Sam, I having trouble figuring out how to post to the buy/sell forum. Literally I don't see a 'new post' button. Is this a case of selective blindness? Thanks!
Hope you don't like KC chicken. Saw the one in Eden exploded
Yep, blew up at 12:30 am. We live about a mile from there and didn't hear anything as we were asleep at that time. I was happy to see no one was injured. It is suspected the cause was a gas leak.
where did you get the jerimiah watt videos? i aspire to do cowboy silver and would like to get those videos but cant find them anywhere.
Trying to learn about half-tone engraving for an upcoming project of mine. Know anyone?
I have two engraved guns done by your grandfather, trappers model 92 winchester 44/40 & colt frontier six shooter 44/40 . The guns were done together late fiftys early sixties, they were left to me by my late father, there extremely engraved & have gold , silver inlays matching one another, any info would be appreciated ,have pics of guns , please contact or Email

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