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    Colt SAA Engraved.

    I love the shading on the mussel and the whole thing is fantastic.
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    No just warm, as there is no air flowing threw it , it may seem warmer in the hand .
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    engraving Damascus pattern

    Thank you for sharing this . There is so little information on patter welded gun barrels. Most early gunsmiths here in the US just folded one layer in half around a mandrel . I say this like it dose not take skill it dose ,but nothing like the skill these beautiful barrels made in France do...
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    Engrave This

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    stainless steel for engraving

    I forgot about these guys and yes after a memory jog and some google fu 304 or 316 would be best for corrosion resistance . 316 is the best of the two for corrosion resistance. I mostly worked with the 400 series stuff. and yes 416 cuts like butter ( for a stainless ) due to the sulfur added...
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    stainless steel for engraving

    Try 410 Stainless Steel Sheets | Jantz Supply - Quality Knife making or may be another knife making supply 410 may not be the one you want but its a start.
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    Beautiful engraving on my new Ruger

    The sign painting video said it best Victory over vinyl . I do like the gun and would have payed the 200 for the up grade. Thank you for sharing this .
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    Ya I am a bit slow some times . But truth be told I had hoped they had come up with a battery only set up. But as it uses pulsed DC current this is the best set up . The whole thing is about the size of a six pack and you can use it for your tools too. Again I think this is a good way to go .
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    Printable practice designs

    True that ! Lurketh best word all week. Although I feel more like a denizen than a luker , but lurketh so cool, I will go with it.
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    Beginner questions

    Lindsays turntabl/vise I would like to get one of these but there out of stock so is the GRS satellite. Both Limdsay and GRS make good stuff. GRS is tacking back orders on the satellite do not Know about Lindsay right now. Both would be good I would go with the one I could get first. I built my...
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    Ok I think this is really good stuff I will look a the video. I could not get it to play on my phone . Looks like I will be buying more Milwaukee tools I need a new impact driver soon any way. Thanks guys.
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    Graver sharpening system for stone setting

    The Expert's Guide to Graver Sharpening Instructor: Sam Alfano . Yes its a plug for Sam but its well worth it . Cheaper than the one template I now don't even use , get this first and save money.
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    Announcement: New PULSEGRAVER announcement

    I hope they do a retro fit for the 120 volt ones like I have . Should not be to hard to do just did not want to void my warranty. Jr election lets all the magic smoke out of the box, would be too sad for words ( may be a few four letter words ) . LoL No Tira I did not do this ;-P But hint hint...
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    Stipple shaddinf

    When I did patinas on bronze and had to do it fast ( which was most of the time as a student ) I would over do it and then buff back the highlights with a burlap cloth with nothing on it . Then to hide the green shade I would use hard carnauba wax. Johnsons' floor wax ,use to be cheep but it...
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    Need Die Sinker's Chisel .125"?

    Made in USA O-1 Oil Hardening Drill Rod 10mm | B1338442 - O1 is easy to work with you get 36 inches to work with the grind is simple. The smith I worked under called this type of chisel a "dozer" ya not much of a name . I googled it don't think it is the real name but we...

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