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    PennySketch Blanks

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    Question: turntable

    Did it. love it. Works great... Thanks Scottyd. Almost feels like I should pay you money for your design. Almost...
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    Question: turntable

    Very clever... Mine will have one just like it later this afternoon. I've been jamming whatever is handy under there, for five years, but now, your fabulous design will allow me to simply twist a bit and lock that baby up. I had a design in my head, but yours is elegant and simple. Thanks...
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    Help, please: Trying to teach myself engraving while at home

    Oh brother, you're in for it now... Hooked like a big ol bass. What you need to do is buy some expensive drawing software, learn how to use it, print your designs on cookie sheets with your new laser printer, transfer it to your coin with varnish, coat that with hairspray, and then you will...
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    Interesting Antique Graver

    It's hard enough with straight ones. That thing looks like nothing but heartache...
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    Announcement: All Pledge Membership auto-renew subscriptions cancelled

    Hi Sam, sorry that you had trouble. We all appreciate the site, so keep up the good work. Barry
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    Help, please: Beginner

    Find a sensei near where you live. Takes an hour and a half to get to mine, but the ride is worth it.
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    Announcement: Quick Change Graver Grease

    Recently bought two older GraverMax machines and refurbished them. They came with about a dozen QC (quick change) tool holders but there was nothing QC about them. The manual says to use teflon grease on them and I was having trouble finding a local source for the GRS recommended Super Lube...
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    GraverMax Refurbish

    Purchased the engraving equipment from an estate recently. The executor said her Grandfather had a hobby room in the house and a workroom in a separate building. He had a GraverMax in each of them. Of the two microscopes the family only parted with one, a Meiji EMZ. It has the old stand but...
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    Announcement: Samsung Laser Printer

    Hey Guys, Just returned from vacation where I spent a fair amount of time looking for an inexpensive laser printer to use for transfers. Staples has a sale ($49.99 through the 6th of this month) on a Samsung M2830DW printer that is black and white only, wireless, 4,800x600 dpi, and a PC...