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    Help, please: Beginner

    Find a sensei near where you live. Takes an hour and a half to get to mine, but the ride is worth it.
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    Announcement: Quick Change Graver Grease

    Recently bought two older GraverMax machines and refurbished them. They came with about a dozen QC (quick change) tool holders but there was nothing QC about them. The manual says to use teflon grease on them and I was having trouble finding a local source for the GRS recommended Super Lube...
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    GraverMax Refurbish

    Purchased the engraving equipment from an estate recently. The executor said her Grandfather had a hobby room in the house and a workroom in a separate building. He had a GraverMax in each of them. Of the two microscopes the family only parted with one, a Meiji EMZ. It has the old stand but...
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    GraverMax Question

    Hi GRS Guys and Ladies, I have an opportunity to buy a well used GraverMax, actually two of them, from an estate. The machines are disconnected from an air source and there is only one foot pedal. I suspect that one of the machines is broken, since there is only one pedal, but I've never used...
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    Announcement: Samsung Laser Printer

    Hey Guys, Just returned from vacation where I spent a fair amount of time looking for an inexpensive laser printer to use for transfers. Staples has a sale ($49.99 through the 6th of this month) on a Samsung M2830DW printer that is black and white only, wireless, 4,800x600 dpi, and a PC...

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