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    Looking for an affordable way to get started

    Where do you live ?
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    Inkjet Printer for acetone transfers?

    I have an extra HP deskjet 1000, They work great use just the #61 black cartridge and print away, If you pay the postage you can have the printer.I have the same one im using and I love it.
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    good deal ?

    I actually found an E mail she sent me on E bay that she sent the cleaner/lubricant because I had mentioned that I have a couple of dental drills and she had the lube but nothing to use it on anymore, ( she had sold her dental hand pieces a few weeks earlier ) so she just added it as good will...
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    good deal ?

    I'm loving it, like you said, no torque but it does a super job,especially in those super tight areas that were impossible b4
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    good deal ?

    I just purchased an NSK set off a girl on E bay who had bought it new ,used it once and than wound up not using it as much as she thought she would so she sold it, I got everything shown in the pictures for $400, I think it was a really good deal but was wondering what you all think, Im not...
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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    So Sad. Being fairly new to the Art of Engraving I would be lying if I claimed to have known Steve, Honestly I have never heard of him until just now, The beautiful things I have just read about him Make me realize that I missed knowing one of the greats, The best I can do now is Pray that he...
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    Midas Fever ?

    I decided to make my 90 yo Mother a simple little necklace she could wear to church and show off to her friends there, I just purchased one of the Silver Nickle practice pendants from GRS and did a simple Capital H in the center with a simple border around the edge filling both the H and border...
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    My first engraved watch dial))

    Beautiful,As a Dad myself I would be thrilled if my daughter or son made that for me.Love it.
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    24K 1/2 Hard yellow gold wire,

    Im definitely going to try that, any steps that I can save is a step that I can save, LOL. Thanks
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    Thanks Mitch, Gotta catch up one day
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    Thank you so much for the kind words. They hit the nail right on the head.the bench is my place of solitude.
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    My sex-change operation

    It looks great,looks like its always been the print of the coin.Great job, I think you should give it to your God Daughter
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    6 MONTHS ENGRAVING,... A GIFT TO A FRIEND... I started engraving in Dec 2018, I also have been a collector of vintage and custom Guitars, One of these small Boutique Company's in Israel that I have done a lot of Business with was and still is really instrumental ( No pun intended ) in helping me...

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