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    Anyone else adapting to tremors, or have tips for doing so?

    Thats very close to what my late Mother in law used to do, she also had MS which effected her real bad towards the end of her life ,she was wheelchair bound, She had creating beautiful Ceramics most all of her life and she continued carving into the the ceramics all the way to the end by using...
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    To be perfectly blunt you have NO IDEA what Steve Lindsey has done to make his Fractal vise ,None. If all you say you've done in your life is true ,GREAT your doing the right thing but you haven't done anything else almost every one of us hasn't done, is still doing or is in the process of...
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    Question: Andu Engraver

    You can use a hammer and chisel to see if you have talent. Alot goes into developing & marketing, everyone talks about things being unfair or the price is to high. Lindsey quality is no better than the knockoffs, These ppl NEVER held a Lindsey in their hand. Now on to my point. Imagine for a...
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    Beginner set up

    As far as being to early in your journey to get a power anything over a manual ,I personally feel anything you can get thats powered and you can afford you should grab it, there are enough things, especially in the beginning of this beautiful art of hand engraving that are going to be hard and...
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    Thank you for the kind reply, I actually have or should I say had ,both types of pick ups but I prefer Humbuckers most would have to say, as far as engraving for their high end stuff we’ve discussed possible custom engravings on the brass pick guards as an option but haven’t really went to deep...
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    I just figured out what this guys number one complaint is . He found out that you don’t get a “ participation trophy “ for engraving and with that automatically get the same exact respect as a Master Engraver so the new guys feelings don't get hurt.
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    Getting started drawing on procreate in 2021?

    I swear I’ve never heard anyone complain as much as you, sounds like you would be better off buying one of those lazer engravers you claim do much a great job . You’ve just sat there and outright insulted everything about this art that the rest of us love, you go buy one of those Chinese...
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

    I got to spend about 5 minutes on one when I was over in Germany visiting Family in a little town called Fishbeck. It's near Hamlin the town where the Pied Piper was said to have plied his trade. My cousin was friends with a Jeweler . He had one. It performed just like the enset I bought to give...
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    I don't have any Lindsey vises left ,sorry. I have an old GRS but another guy is coming to look...

    I don't have any Lindsey vises left ,sorry. I have an old GRS but another guy is coming to look at it this weekend. If nothing pans out I'll send you a photo and info if your still interested
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    Microscope Zeiss 508

    I use a Zeiss but its a ZEISS OPMI1 ,a Surgical microscope ,It unbelievable but Im sure there are a lot of differences in the two. I had the Leica which I sold to get this Zeiss and that was a fantastic scope especially with the Camera included in it, Great for making videos
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    Help, please: Practice Template

    All well Sam, Like I said I got it , Thanks,
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    Help, please: Practice Template

    I realize that, it doesn't help you if your A Non computer type like myself though and type the URL into Google where you would expect to put it. It just brings you to the site where you buy the DVD and leaves you there with nothing else. Someone else told me that after you go to that site you...
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    Help, please: Practice Template

    It worked thanks.
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    Help, please: Practice Template

    I'll give it a try as soon as I get home. Thanks a ton. I'll let you know if it works
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    Help, please: Practice Template

    Sam I bought the Deep Relief S6culpting DVD. I went to the site I was directed to on the label to get the transfer template to practice along with you but when I get to the site I can't find any way to get the template. All my other purchases that I bought on direct download are there but this...