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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    The gold wire on the stock is a nice touch lee

    Bullino Geometry

    Well guys, mine is a bit different I mostly like using lines for my scenes but i do also mix in dots along the way depending on the texture and effects i want my preferred dot tool i use is a graver mounted in a straight pencil like handle the graver is either a 90 or a 70 as i like smaller...

    Using acid to remove steel burs

    Dave Years ago John and Nick Kusmit from winchester told me that when this happens to them, they would take a tiny drill and drill the burr out and then push in a bit of gold wire into the hole. They used gold wire for all their inlays. They were two very nice gentlemen Marty

    Dubbing a graver.

    Jere I do mine a bit different...i think.... When i am done sharpening myngraver, i just hold it upon my ceramic stone vertically and just scratch the tip on the ceramic this gives it a itty bitty blunt tip When cutting, the regular face angle does the removal but the blunted tip does not...

    That time of year again DENVER GUN SHOW

    You better bring me some cake from Darcy if you do.......

    That time of year again DENVER GUN SHOW

    Pretty much finished packing for the show will see you there Dave safe travel

    That time of year again DENVER GUN SHOW

    Greetings all next weekend is the annual Colorado Gun Collectors Gun Show in Denver i will be set up at my usual location I know Samantha Cherry will be there also Not sure whom else but it will be fun as usual with some great guns at a 1000 table show Just started engraving on a 1876...

    Help, please: hand push engraving

    Whoof You scared me for a second i thought the frame contour looked a bit different from my vintage Henry Still nicely done and love the lettering

    Help, please: hand push engraving

    One thing Mike forgot to mention on the brass frame Winchesters is the fact that the frames are cast while the sideplatescare machined This creates another sometimes not so subtle challenge as each of these cuts differently. when you engrave a line going from one to the other you must be aware...

    Question: Henry "Brasslite" Receiver

    I would pass upmthis engraving job that metal will give you nothing but problems


    OK here is my take on what is going on here We have two problems to solve first is how to draw the animal and secondly graver control This is nothing new to beginning engravers and artists My suggestions are, first take a pencil and learn how to draw the animal this will develope your...

    Garage News: Grouse and more grouse

    Hey of course i knew that all along...... It does look great Lee English scroll is a bit of a change for you

    Garage News: Grouse and more grouse

    You are getting the knack of this engraving thing finally Lee...but how come the dog has only three legs???

    News, Problem for California firearms engravers.

    John this is really nothing new when i was back in new york and it was time to renew my ffl, i had to get certification that where i lived was zoned for a business this was not a requirement of new york state but a new obstacle imposed my president Clinton as a way to reduce the number of gun...

    Transfer tip

    OK Gang With diligent research and sheer dumb luck, I solved my transfer problem. As it turned out my black ink cartridge was almost empty and getting weak. It was not due to be replaced yet but it was getting low. I replaced it with a new one and now getting multiple transfers using transfer...