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    Design work

    I use rubbings snd smoke prints also to make my templates. I then piece them together gor a stretchout template showing them connected. However these i find good for developing my ideas and layouts But not quite accurate enough for an exact transfer. The real world issue is that no two guns...

    Drawing on the work

    I just draw directly on the metalwith my pencil i also at times dab the metal with modeling clay and then brush on some talcum powder i draw through that also if you use a marker, it is easily removed with some alcohol. I dont use chemicals like acetone unless i absolutely have to i keep a...

    What to charge??

    A simple rationale i was told years ago if you have a backlog, you are too cheap if you have no backlog, you are too expensive

    What has gone wrong with the Cafe?

    Hhhmmmm i’m windows 10

    What has gone wrong with the Cafe?

    Just wondering if anyone else is still having problems with the new cafe. I still cannot open it on my computer. All drivers etc are up to date. I can open it on my iPad strange

    What has gone wrong with the Cafe?

    Well i am having problems also. While the new format loads properly on my Ipad (which i am on now), i cannot load it on my computer. It loads for an instant and then a blank page loads immediately on top of it renderiing it useless

    GRS Hand Versus Foot Control

    Brain when doing banknote i mix up hand push and airact i find you can really fine tune it and with a sharp graver really split hairs with a light touch if you don't manhandle it

    Garage News: Happy Thanksgiving

    And the Mezzuzah looks just as good on the wall as it does in the photo

    GRS Hand Versus Foot Control

    Like Brian, my experience goes way back to even the trail stages at GRS as I was an instructor there at the time. I use the palm control most of the time . I favor it due to the fact that I have back issues and it lets me sit as I feel comfortable and not have to make sure my foot is extended...

    Question: How does one do square wire inlay?

    What I do for inlayed lines that are wider than deep I take a appropriately heavier wire and tap it sort of flat. This way I have a rectangular piece. I anneal it an then inlay it. How you dress it down depends on the final affect you want. As everyone else has said, this is very well done.

    Critique Request Scroll design for watch dial

    I like it. Send pictures as you engrave it

    SHOT SHOW 2021just got cancelled...

    I dont see any reason why Lee and I would not be doing it since we agreed to do it this year actually I am relieved becuase I was having a guilt trip by making the decision not to go this year and was leaving Lee holding the bag

    SHOT SHOW 2021just got cancelled...

    While you must admit this is a very hard decision the board had to make, it is the smart one on many levels. I know its a great disappointment but now lets look at the bright side. We have another year to prepare and the 2022 meeting will be twice as good. I plan on being there and I hope we all...

    SHOT SHOW 2021just got cancelled...

    I am waiting for a vaccine also but we most likely will not be missing anything as it turns out i just was informed by a reliable friend that the antique arms show has been cancelled which means the fega show which is held in conjunction with it will be postponed havent gotten an official...