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    Hammer action on gravermax

    You can use a hammer bit in any hand piece. I have about 15 different hammer tips in quick change holders.
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    What software

    I use an old Adobe photo shop 4.0. Works perfect for me. Better than the newer versions and les complicated.
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    Gold plating gun metal/steel

    I will second the midas plating guide from Rio Grande.
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    Gold plating gun metal/steel

    I have gold plated with acid solutions for about ten years and never had any problems whatsoever. I never plated any stainless but there is a stainless prep solution that I have and I am sure it works just fine, Steel needs to be copper coated first then nickel plated then gold plated. It...
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    Finishing question

    I sprayed it on with an airbrush one coat. Has to age at k least 4 days. The second photo is an accident. I tried to delete it but no success. This is the photo I meant to put on.
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    Finishing question

    Another good way is Cerakote matte clear. The scene within the gold frame is coated with Matte clear Cerakote. I masked it off with scotch tape. No chemical will remove it. I even tried aircraft paint stripper on it to no avail.
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    Demagnetizer for tools

    I bought on from Amazon. It wouldn't even turn on. Wasn't worth returning. I ordered another from another source.
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    Blackening engravings

    Nice looking job Mitch. For a permanent job I use etchers ink. After it dries good even acetone won't remove it. Learned this from Robert Evans. For a quick look I just rub my fingers on it.
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    Coming soon!

    I gotta one of them.
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    SCI 2019 Auction Rifle, "Elk Fight"

    Thanks Mike. Great work your doing.
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    SCI 2019 Auction Rifle, "Elk Fight"

    Mike. What kind of scope are you using now? Or do you have ore than one?
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    Nick and Dot Engraving

    At one time everybody on this forum was no better than you are now. Some forget though. I been doing this for about 20 years and still learning. Join the crowd.
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    Nick and Dot Engraving

    The example in the fist post is not a true nick and dot border. There are no guide lines like a true nick and dot border. That is a poor example of a nick and dot border.
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    Question for those with experience.

    Thanks Mike. Your a treasure of info. Not too many would be willing to share this kind of info.
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    Question for those with experience.

    Thanks Mike and Rodger. I do a lot of heat treating in my shop so annealing is not a problem. I was a little worried about cutting down the cylinder to remove the engraving though but if Mike has it done it must be OK. It is probably no deeper than .010" anyway.

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