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    Marty said"Also visually it also depends on what it is next to in order to make it seem lighter or darker. ". For a perfect example of this , look at Sam's self portrait engraving on one of his posts. Note how the background is very dark compared to his face. This makes his face and shirt seem...
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    My first attempt at Sam’s shading video.

    Gee. That looks pretty good.
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    Help with GRS Gravermach tuning/setup

    Sounds like the foot pedal adjustment to me.
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Tool steel gravers are very sensitive to heat and can be softened at no more than 350° F. 500° F will pretty much ruin them. But they can be re hardened and tempered again. HSS must be held at over 1000 deg for a extended period time to soften them. I use carbon steel for special shapes...
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Do your selves a favor and look up the annealing process for HSS. I guarantee you won't take the temper out of it with a graver hone. Also look up the tempering temp.
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    I have GRS's graverhone that Sam is talking about and I love it. They should have made it 20 years ago and it would have saved me buying 4 others. It is the best I ever had and it is reversible also.
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    I don't think that is what he is talking about. I have that info but it is burried. I have found that a parallel gives very little advantage. so I never use it anymore. Just me but it isn't worth fooling with.
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    Inlay question

    The finest dental burs are only 1/4 mm. They would be sufficient but are very hard to obtain. correction ---I can't find a dental bur smaller than .5mm that;s .020"
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    Question: leonardos light

    I bought one and there were no extra charges.
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    Question: turntable

    I never buy anything because it is cheap. I have had at least three turn tables and the late GRS is better than anything I ever had. I haven't heard anybody brag about the others.
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Like Marty. I enjoy total silence. I guess that is why I like the wilderness.
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    Interesting Antique Graver

    The way it is it can't be a graver. It sure won't cut that's for sure
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    This stuff has a fairly short shelf life HUH?
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    Fancygun is right on. This isn't something you learn overnight.
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    600 dpi vs 1200 dpi

    It is my experience that anything over 300 or 400 has no advantage.