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    Nature doesn't hurry yet everything is accomplished

    God is eternal so what's the rush?
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    Tool Identification Requested -Gravers?

    One thing I notice is that they do not appear to have a heel on them. They do not look like they were ever used at all. Just because they have graver looking handles doesn't mean they were gravers. Could have been meant for wood carving but never used.
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    Need help

    Check out the HP store for a printer that uses the 62. OR.
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    Question: How does one do square wire inlay?

    I really don't see anything especially difficult about this. It is just well done. The one thing that makes me wonder is this. Rose-colored gold is usually somewhat hard. That makes it more difficult to inlay. It's probably done with round wire. I don't think it is relief it just looks like...
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    sculpting by Mr. Alfano

    Nobody complains about their hand getting stiff when they were 30 years old. This should tell us something. There is no cure for old age. Sorry folks. Only one thing got stiff then.
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    If you cut deeper than the heal that will be a problem. Either cut more shallow or give the graver more heal length.
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    Laser printer vs inkjet printer.

    With all the hacking going on these days it's hard to know what's up half the time. Facebook hacked my contact list. Someone often sends me an email posing as a friend and asking for money to cover an emergency. I know it phoney right away because none of my friends ever need money.
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    Laser printer vs inkjet printer.

    Mitch. Jerry Huddleston here. The confusion here is to some degree my fault. Steve and I were signed in under his name while I was showing him some computer tips. I am the one who made that comment as a joke. Sorry for the confusion. While I'm at it. I want you to know that in my opinion...
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

    I can't imagine anything better than what I have now. The only complaint I have is my silent compressor gets oil into the lines at times. At any rate, I'm too old to change now. I would rather have the money for other things. Every time I buy a new gadget I find it's not as good as what I...
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    Question: Wearing Mask when sharpening gravers?

    I only wear one to stop my gravers from getting covid.
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    What is hopefully a quick question.

    Be sure to clean your metal real well with acetone.
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    just a test,

    Here is a better example of this gun.
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    just a test,

    I must admit , this is not my work,
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    just a test,

    Just testing my web hosting but you might enjoy this. This is not a very good photo.
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    Laser printer vs inkjet printer.

    Mitch. If you weren't on here it would be boring.