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    How to get thermolock off a part?

    The warmer it is the harder it is to remove. Before you apply it spray the part with WD40. then it will come off easily. COLD.
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    Bullino Geometry

    You will find that there are several preferred methods of sharpening a bulino engraver. Even the dot gravers very from person to person. Even the line gravers used for fine line engraving such as seen on Coggan's Nile gun and lee Griffis's work as well as Chris De Camillis's and Sam...
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    Bullino Geometry

    Strelok. That belly angle should be somewhere between 12° and 15° .
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    Honest Question

    I have only been engraving for about 20 years but in all that time I have only engraved two or three guns on commission and I was sorry I did. I confess that I have two alternate income sources , However I have found that I make about three times the money when I engrave my own guns and sell...
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    Embossing Die Steel

    I have engraved 4140 heat treated but not annealed. It was very hard to engrave but I also engraved it annealed and it was no worse than 1018. I still have some inb the shop.
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    Using acid to remove steel burs

    Yes this can be done. The best acid to use is EH1-2C Cronite Steel Etching Acid. you can find this on the Cronite web site here. There is one thing to be aware of. Do not let the acid reach the edge of the gold as it might undercut the edges of the...
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    lettering questions.

    What type of computer do you have? I have installed photo shope on five computers that said I couldn't. Never tried a Mac.
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    Question: background removal vs placing cut peices of metal?

    Any type of inlay or overlay depends on the type of base matal and the type of inlay material. I see your cavity but what type of metal is the base metal made of and what do you intend to inlay into it?
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    polishing heels

    you either need a ceramic or a cast iron lap with diamond compound. A 1200 wheel isn't fine enough to produce a polished heel.
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    Question: Cold blue

    I have had this problem also. I'm inclined to think it doesn't stain the gold it plates it with copper sulfate. Can't prove it though.
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    Question: Brownells Blue/Rust Remover

    Brownel's blue remover is basically phosphoric acid. I have some but never use it anymore because I just use phosphoric acid. I don't neutralize it except to just wash it off. The main difference between most blue removers or rust removers is the strength. Almost all of them are phosphortic...
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    Need help with an inlay decision Please.

    Sterling silver is 92% silver and usually 7 1/2 % copper or some other metal. Anything you add to pure silver will make it harder and less ductile. It also changes the annealing temp. Pure silver anneals at 500° F. Sterling requires about 1350° to anneal. A easy way to tell the difference is...
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    Need help with an inlay decision Please.

    One thing to consider is the silver sterling or pure. Mitch is correct. Sterl;ing is about as hard as brass.
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    My scrolls on display at the Cody Museum

    Well Sam. You are a great artist. You deserve it.
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    face + heel = 75 or 80

    I have posted this before. The face angle combined with the heal angle should not exceed 80 degrees or the graver will not stay in the metal because while atempting to cut the face will be perpendicular to the metal or near so. Think about it.

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