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    Question for those with experience.

    Thanks Mike. Your a treasure of info. Not too many would be willing to share this kind of info.
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    Question for those with experience.

    Thanks Mike and Rodger. I do a lot of heat treating in my shop so annealing is not a problem. I was a little worried about cutting down the cylinder to remove the engraving though but if Mike has it done it must be OK. It is probably no deeper than .010" anyway.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    Jewlers brass engraves pretty well. It has more copper in it.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    Almost all new engravers do not know what hand push engraving really is and they are trying to do heavier work by hand push. Most all hand push engraving is very light like bank note style. A different book may help you some. try the book. The Jewelry engravers manual or Engraving on...
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    Question: Who is Joseph Condon?

    Wow. This forum is really something. Can't get this any place else.
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    Question for those with experience.

    Thank you very much for the advice. I regard it highly. I will not deface an original. I didn't realize how holy they were regarded. Great advise could only be obtained on this site. One thing is the second generation colts seem to be case hardened. If that is so Mike should know. How...
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    Question for those with experience.

    I am planing to engrave a special project. It will most likely take me a year to do. It is a spec gun. A colt revolver percussion type. I have three options on the gun. One is to do a reproduction. The other is a second generation colt. the other is a first generation colt. I really don't...
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    Buff files?

    Lots of good tips here. Thanks Mitch. I just bought 4 of them. I prefer the files for my work because the never round the fine cuts. I will look for the fine adhesive paper
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    Poll - Where do you engrave?

    I engrave in my own shop at home. I only do select jobs and do only what I want to. I do my own art work and will not do other people's art. I'm too old to not enjoy this.
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    How old are you?

    I'm almost 82 and love to engrave more than ever. I study engraving about 2 to 4 hours per day.

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