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    Ron Smith in Monteagle May 2

    Ron is one of the nicest people I have ever met. It's hard to understand how some body can be that good and still be so humble.
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    Practice plates

    I bought some plates from a sheet metal shop and some from GRS. Believe me, there is a difference. The GRS plates cut much smoother. Cheap stuff is never very good IMHO. I don't work for GRS either.
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    Question: Graver heels

    Some of the best engravers in the world don't use any heal at all. But I know this for sure. You can't cut a small curve with a long heal but you can cut any line with a short one. Most of the heels on my gravers are neatly imperceptible. They are rarely longer than .015 and mostly shorter.
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    Scrimshaw See pic

    looks like a paint by the numbers
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    Winston Churchill engraved knife

    Good for you Sam. You need to start a museum.
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    Reciprocating air file

    I bought one for sanding around wood carvings. I never even liked it for that. I'll sell you one cheap.
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    SCI 50th Anniversary Project

    Very nice Mike. I can't wait to see that rifle.
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    Question: Microscope Eye Shields

    In the last year I have lost 3 things in the shop. I have cleaned and sterilized the shop from top to bottom at least 4 times and they are nowhere to be found. One of them was pretty large and I don't even drink.
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    Need help (inkjet)

    I have had 4 or 5 HP inkjet printers and all of them worked great if you use genuine HP ink. The cheap refills will not work well at all.
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    Animal to engrave.

    This is a WOLF.
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    Question: How far do you look ahead when cutting straight lines

    I do as Sam said, I cut to the line if I look ahead I'm not aware of it after all there's no traffic to watch for and nobody is following too close.
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    Question for advanced members.

    In the photo below, How do you think the breach was formed? Was this a silver soldered on overlay and then sculped or was it sculpted down from the barrel forging without an overlay? I would like some feedback from Sam Alfano, Mike Dubber or Sam welch as well as others please.
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    Transfer Design with Epson Printer

    Yes, the Epson inkjet printers work very well for transfers. Use Tom White's transfer fluid and his transfer transparencies also.

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