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    Heel sharpening question

    I have used both types on almost everything. The only difference I could determine was if you go too deep with the conventional or #1 type you cannot come out of the cut. When using the number 2 type or parrallel heel it doesn't matter how deep you go. The graver won't dive on you. But the extra...
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    Which sharpening template?

    I am not a big believer in templates. They are OK for beginners I guess but A person is much better off to get a quick change duel angle sharpening fixture from GRS to begin with. As you progress you will end up spending a lot more money for templates for the many different geometries you will...
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    Help, please: Graver geometry to cut in depth

    from my experience you cannot make a graver with a included angle of over 80° or it won't stay in the metal. In other words the geometry should be 30° heel and a 50° face angle. 30 + 50 = 80. If you went to a 50 degree heel you will need a 30° face. I never tried a graver with a heel over 30°...
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    Help, please: Massive Steel Background Removing

    Robert Evans uses Acid for background removal all the time BUT I notice the background is very shallow on his. I tried acid method but had problems with undercutting the design when going deeper than about .007. I never figured out how to solve that. The only sure way I know to do this is to...
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    Knife steels engraveable?

    I have worked with all of those steels quite a few times. They all engrave easily if annealed correctly. The problem is many people don't know how to anneal them correctly.
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    Trouble with background removing.

    When cutting scrolls you need to make some sort of a centering pointer or index so you can place your work on center of rotation. Always keep your work area on center of rotation and focused.
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    Trouble with background removing.

    You need to slow down and be more precise. Do you have any magnification?
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    Trouble with background removing.

    After the square graver cuts you need to cut the tops off with a flat graver. Then treat the background by stippling, dot punching. hammering or some other technique.
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    Overseas Payment:

    paypal works well.
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    How do you delete a for sale add????
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    H&H .700

    I am not only amazed at the quality of your work but I just don't understand how you can produce this stuff so fast. If I could do that it would take me a year or more for one gun. Truely amazing to say the least.
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    To Phil Coggan

    I understand Phil. I will get one sooner or later. Your work is beyond great. I collect photos of your work and study them. I hope to be able to do portraits like yours some day. That work on the nile gun is something I don't think I will ever be able to equal. However it is a lot of fun...
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    To Phil Coggan

    graniteguy52. That issue is not available on their web site. Phil. Do you want to sell a copy of the magazine autographed?
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    To Phil Coggan

    can't find one anywhere.

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