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    Practice plate in progress

    Very nice.
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    Close Encounters

    What a cutie! Getting his salt wherever he can!!
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    An Excellent Air compressor.

    Thank you for the info. This looks to be worth exploring.
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    Practice plate in progress

    Beautiful work so far.
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    Scroll Inspiration

    Expensive and well made piece of ironwork. It's a shame that so many of the internal and external elements are flowing in the wrong direction.
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    Rifle Floorplates with Diamonds

    Thanks for the info, Mike. Great work for the lucky ladies.
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    looking for critique on my work

    You will enjoy it Mike. As JJ said, it's a very helpful, must have book.
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    Ed Webber, R.I.P.

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, Mitch. Montana lost some some legendary rifle smiths with the passing of Ed Webber and Jerry Fisher.
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    Case knife WIP

    Hi Travis. Too much glare in your photo. A little hint if I may, courtesy of my friend Tim George. Try dabbing the knife with a little modeling clay before taking the photo.
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    looking for critique on my work

    Hello Mike, and thank you. A recent Cafe post of mine mentioned the book 'Sketching Your Favorite Subject in Pen & Ink" by Claudia Nice. This book shows how to build up the required textures for most subjects, including smooth and rough hair. And the pen strokes are the same strokes that you...
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    looking for critique on my work

    Hello Mike, pretty good for a third try at bulino work. The general anatomy, eyes. nose, muzzle and mouth are very well done. Study and practice the smooth hair and also the ear hair. Do it over and post it again, please.
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    New work: J.Mitchell MoP Slipjoin folder engraved by me. 24k wire inlay, diamond setting

    Hello Allan. I don't see any shading on the gold scrolls, just outlining cuts. And very well done, as is the shading on the leaves.
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    Transparency paper

    With the correct laser printer all you need is a clean object, a paper print and an acetone wipe on the back of the print. My laser is Cannon Image Class MF229DW. several years old and works well for acetone transfers,
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    Transparency paper

    If you are talking about ink jet transparency film, I use Epson or Printworks transparencies. In the US they are available from Wal Mart, the large printing outfits like Office Depot and also on the internet. Been 70 years since I was in the UK, so don't know what is available there any more.
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    Stepping up from practice plates

    Gunsmiths are a good source of used gun parts for practice. But if you don't have have an FFL, be careful of frames and receivers. These are usually the serial numbered gun parts and could get you in legal trouble.

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