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    Question: No smudge solution

    I currently used Tom white transfer and enjoy the outcome, but on a longer outline job I might get oil or sweat and have to put another outline down. Scribing is a fair solution but does anyone use anything to give it some extra hold like a lacquer? Thanks as always
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    Stepping up from practice plates

    If you start with a 1911 you can still do mostly flat surfaces. Some would say get a derringer cause you can engrave something for $300 and turn it to $500 or more so that’s not a bad start. What gun are you hoping to engrave?
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    How do I get enough privileges

    It is $25 for a pledge membership account and will give privileges to sell. Your account>account upgrades>pledge membership
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    side one complete and tried to have fun with the shading “mistakes” and all. Moving to the other side and will learn as I grow.
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    Critique Request Gold match 2 (fire element)

    Thank you all for the support and guidance, looking to make something out of all this hard work.
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    Critique Request Gold match 2 (fire element)

    Took long enough and happy with design atleast. Finely sanded the sides and will be working on my first gun after a lot of practice and time. Took the Kimber name off so I didn’t have an interruption in flow. This is the first project in a list of scroll styles that I’ll attach to each...
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    Not mad at it and next to shading, feeling confident on design improvements and will work on my Kimber project next.
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    The Hand Engraving Podcast Ep.6 Jeff Parke

    Keep it coming, nice to connect during so much going on these days and Jeff was a nice addition.
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    Question: Greatest joy

    Thanks for the replies, I’d have to agree with you all about it being who you are and feel the same for myself if I’m being honest. Being green makes you always question, but as my girlfriend politely nudges, you are too angry when you don’t engrave lol.
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    Question: Greatest joy

    Engraving is tough yet rewarding. Other than the pay, what’s is the greatest reward you all have found as lifelong artist or craftsman? I’m on an intentional hiatus for engraving (building the pencil skills still), but wanted to see why others stick with this unique yet timeless venture.
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    Polishing pen has stones and holders of all sizes and who I like to use.
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    Anybody like cutting old top break revolvers?

    Ever so slight differences make it obvious to the trained eye. Good call, I saw the earlier one and didn’t think it looked like it.
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    This is an idea I’m working with from the Ron smith advanced scrolls. Add some cross hatching to go with the flow and add even more pop without doing the whole background black. Am going to practice this on a plate and try both to see what looks good on metal.
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    Critique Request Moki pliant thuja

    Thank you sir, I’ll save that for a next project as I am my own worst enemy not cutting but I atleast have a better process to recreate this in the future and will see if I can add some of those in the cut.

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