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    Some cutting.........

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    Children in the workshop: Make yourself an engraving

    beautiful children papa
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    Progress pic

    can't wait for it to'll really be beautiful. Are any of your creations on the selling block please?
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine? second.
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    Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

    I still see a hose.................................electricity doesn't flow through it...
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    Avoiding oxidation/rust on mild steels

    I coat with pbblaster and saturate a good paper towel and wrap the parts in both, this method was taught to me by an old machinist. Has never failed me.
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    Critique Request English Fine Scroll Practice

    down what page Mr. TOS
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    Critique Request English Fine Scroll Practice

    heck Monk..........I should post more stuff then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The english rose and scroll looks pretty good to my eyes also. tfs. paps
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    Intro - What can I do with the Gravermax

    are you south of 2 or north
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    Ti practice material

    TF, I play around with quite a few cheap dog tags and the dozer really helps the point stay sharp longer! paps
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    Help, please: engraving copper

    beautiful work on your copper plates JJ.
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    Help, please: engraving copper

    Thanks John for the clarification this a.m. Have a productive day please.
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    SAA Work Holding Question

    the full description is on Steve's product web can be used on any degree of graver. I use his 116 alot and after the heel is finished as you like, you place the graver flat on the fixture and add what essentially a second heel only on the backside of the existing heel, it's like...