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    globe shot

    It is......a pedestal lamp. Have not yet got the lowered 2-4 bulb directly above. Thanks Sam
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    globe shot

    it was shot under a white/cream sheet tying to follow TOS"s protocol. With no camera stand or square in front the draped sheet it is still problematic. I am working on it. Thanks for all the pointers. Rob
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    Garage News: Sculpted buttplate progress

    Beautifully done..,....very delicate
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    bulino/scrimshaw practice

    this is bad to the bone.
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    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    In the piping trade pertaining to what Mitch is talking about he used small tape.......etc as what is called a Wrap-a-Round to measure round stuff, works on anything round,oval,moon and some rombus's
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    A simple knife with snake scales

    nicely done sir
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    Elk scene

    I don't how many times I've looked at that Winnie but it's been a bunch!!!!
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    Elk scene

    Sam, as soon as I get all the stuff set up for MY tent I'll be able to see what you think. Holidays, lombar punctures and the like are making me lay down alot. I think you'll like this deal. wow on fancy's cell shots.
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    Garage News: Thanksgiving drawing

    kinda brings a feeling of calm and peace.
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    Elk scene

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    Transfer magic not sticking

    This system I researched a little on line and it looks as tho the design of this product is primarily for fabric. Is this the stuff your using please? paps
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    clear or white?
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    Elk scene

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    Elk scene

    this is what I am aiming at . Nice stuff here. Beautifully done design and execution, with outstanding ballence of course. thanks for letting us have a look. Rob

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