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    Happy Easter

    Be vewy,vewy, quiet, he's hunting wabbits
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    Intro. to Push Graving by Dimas Sánchez Moradiellos

    There is also a series of videos by Sebastian Lopez, he is from Argentina and I think he is a member of this forum, I am sure he posted here some time ago. Also in spanish, Cheers Richard
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    Leica A60 Eyepieces and Eyeglasses

    Roger, folded down work best for me when wearing glasses, and out when not. Richard.
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    A Practical Course in Jewelry Engraving Book Ebay

    Yes, is free to download from The Internet Archive's web site. Richard.
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    Leica A60 Eyepieces and Eyeglasses

    "the A60 eyepieces have the rubber ring for eyeglass wearers, I'm just wondering if it actually works. Thanks." Yes they work well. Richard
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    Leica A60 Eyepieces and Eyeglasses

    I wear glasses all the time as well, although you can use it without them, it becomes a pain when you have to look at something for reference etcetera without the scope, put classes on take glasses of!!, I use mine with glasses all the time no problem, you still adjust the eye pieces as mention...
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    Leica A60 Eyepieces and Eyeglasses

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    Sam's book

    Received mine today, :happyvise::tiphat: thank you Sam, excellent work. Richard
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    Australia/NZ engravers...laser printers that work with acetone transfer?

    Hi Sam, I have a HP laserjet P1102 that does a good job, but is a few years old so I doubt you can buy them now, I have used a Brother at work both printer and also a fax copier printer same brand and they work fine for acetone transfers, but they are also old hope this helps. Richard
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    Announcement: Book: Good news, bad news

    Have a nice safe trip here and Welcome Mate!!, wish I could meet you In Sydney but unfortunately is not possible for me, enjoy your stay, I put my order in, thanks. Richard.
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    Coming soon!

    For us less artistic wannabe engravers, once I buy this book, these images are copyright free?, to use for my engravings? for pleasure or profit? and would the leaf script alphabet be included in it, thanks Sam, Richard. Richard
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    Announcement: Forum software upgrade

    This is a great update Sam, thank you, now I don't have to use Tapatalk any more when I'm on the road, this is very cell phone friendly as well,:happyvise: Richard.

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