After 40+years "riding the bench" I recently decided that I really would like to add true engraving skills to my toolbox. I originally studied Jewelry Repair and Diamond Setting at Bowman Tech in Lancaster PA, shortly after the Arc ran aground, so I had some training with gravers, but have never actually hand engraved.

I already owned quite a bit of GRS equipment including the GraverMax SC and a great many of their great tools that I use for stone setting jobs, but any "engraving" that I did was pretty much just small sof decorative touch-up work, using my 40+ year old push gravers.

For all of these reasons I recently traveled to the GRS class rooms in Emporia, KS, and spent 5 days learning the basics from Rick Eaton. I have nothing but compliments to say about both the GRS facilities, and Mr Eaton

A great learning experience! I have a lot more to learn before I can call myself an engraver, but I sure have a great deal more confidence. with this craft than I did before.
Dec 3, 1951 (Age: 68)
Upstate NY
Bench Jeweler




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