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    Nimschke Engraved?

    PM sent
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    Anybody like cutting old top break revolvers?

    FWIW, I feel that I should point out that the gun pictured in the link I posted is not the work of L. D. Nimschke even though the auction house attributed the work to Nimschke. There are many tell-tales in the engraving of that gun that rule it out as an authentic Nimschke. It is, however...
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    Anybody like cutting old top break revolvers?

    If you want to see good pictures of engraved top break revolvers go to the auction sites of Rock Island Auctions or Morphy Auctions. . Here is an example: Engraved Smith & Wesson .32 Safety Hammerless Revolver | Rock Island Auction
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    Simichrome Polish for finish on ceramic disk

    At my church, we use a paste polish called Wenol. I think it is very similar to Semichrome because it is pink and smells similar. It has very positive reviews but, of course not for our purpose of polishing gravers. Wenol Metal Polish 100ml : Health & Household
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    Question: Bill Johns SSA Colts

    By all appearances, that gun was engraved by Bill Johns. It's an interesting example of selective gold plating.
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    Question: Bill Johns SSA Colts

    Other than the picture of the trigger guard with "BJ", I can't tell which gun is which. Also the pictures are too small for good identification.
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    Brass plate engraving 120 degree

    Is that a Ridge wallet?
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    Atlanta, Georgia

    Allan, A very good assessment of the situation. I would add one thing as it applies to the Jewelry/lettering trade for engravers. Not long after WWII, the New Hermes Engravograph, diamond drag engraving machine began to proliferate in the USA. As the number of hand engravers in the jewelry...
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    Atlanta, Georgia

    Yves Halliburton is in Georgia. He is a fine engraver but I don't know if he gives instruction. Yves Halliburton 33 Dee Henderson Drive Richmond Hill, GA 31324 912.572.3680
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    Tips for signing your work

    Yes Bill, I understand but when the owner dies and his grandkids sell his collection, that paperwork will end up in the dumpster with the rest of grandad's paperwork. On numerous occasions, I have been asked to identify the work engravers who I know give out certificates with the completed job.
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    Looking for engraver for medieval breastplate

    "applique" is a word that is used in the way you understand as applied to the fabric industry, however, in decorative arts, applique simply means a form of decoration that has been applied to an underlying item or structure. For instance, if a flower design was carved into a door post, the...
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    Looking for engraver for medieval breastplate

    If you were only going to make only one, either repousse or applique would be about equal work though each would require different skills. If multiples were to be made for a prop house, then the applique method would be most efficient. The appliques would be designed, wax models made, then...
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    Engraved 1953 Beretta

    At the Merkel factory in Suhl, Germany, the engravers who are cutting standard patterns are so accustomed to cutting the same design over and over that they can start with a blank action and cut the scroll and scene from memory.
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    Engraved 1953 Beretta

    While the Baglioni engraved pistol was finely done, I can't believe that it would have consumed nearly a year's work by a master. There may have been some puffery in that article. Maybe some of our colleagues could estimate how long it would take to do that job.
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    I believe that C.A.Sweet was the gunsmith who was responsible for your rifle. Engravers don't usually put their name so prominently on a rifle barrel, but custom gunsmiths do. Now that I can see the engraving on your rifles, it is obvious to me that your guns were engraved in Germany or...