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    Welcome to the engravers Cafe. Right off you have a great advantage over many beginners who post here, your age. Many beginners that we encounter are over 60 and have never done anything artistic in all that time. At 22 and with real passion to succeed you could set the world on fire. As John...
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    Knight Helmet

    Negroli was the probably the best armorer of all time.
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Same here Gordon. Those cicadas are pretty loud after many years of gunfire and other loud noises. I have recently discovered, of all things Cossack folk music. I don't listen to it while engraving but I get a big kick out of the enthusiastic way they sing, their costumes, beards, and those...
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    Question: Tricks for flare cutting?

    While I am sure that Sam Alfano's video on flare cutting is the best possible source of instruction for the technique, I am posting a link to a tutorial I made back in 2007 on the subject. This might help you to get started until you can get your copy of the video...
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    Question: Tricks for flare cutting?

    I do the same as Sam. An important aspect is to make your cuts in one continuous pass. Any stopping then starting in a cut will show progression marks that detract from the look. While watching a skilled engraver on video like Sam or Chris DeCamillis looks easy, flare cutting requires excellent...
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Baroque, ie. Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, et al.
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    Question: Any way to know who engraved this ?

    The scrollwork has been acid etched on a production line. The action is probably a standard Italian O/U type that has been used by many Brecian makers over the years.
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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    You have no doubt seen the beer commercial featuring "the most interesting man in the world." Well, Steve was the real deal.
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    Recent stuff

    Very nicely done.
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    Gustave Young Engraving ?

    Regardless, stylistically, this is not Gustave Young's work.
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    Gustave Young Engraving ?

    rootmanslim Your shotgun is very nicely engraved but it is not the work of Gustave Young. Gustave Young died in 1895.
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    working while staying at home

    Dave, A trick I learned for photographing revolvers is to have the cylinder aligned so that a facet is directly facing the camera rather than having one of the chambers in battery as in your picture. I hope this helps for your next picture.
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    Engraver's sample plate from 1902

    It must have been very difficult to cut that inscription with the case back still attached. You could never cut all the way around without making contact with the cover.
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    Engraver's sample plate from 1902

    That is a magnificent example of the engraver's trade and a treasure for sure. I can't help but think "if we only knew who the engraver was and something about his/her life." My motivation for writing about engravers and keeping files of their work has always been to keep their memory alive. I...
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    So I just ordered Steve Lindsay's Bench Jewel graver.

    Everything that Steve Lindsay makes is a quality product. All his tools are made to the same standard in his shop in Nebraska. The more expensive Airgravers just have more features and adjustments.

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