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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    This a link to Steve's obituary and funeral information:!/Obituary
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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    It is with great sadness that I relate the passing of Steve Fjestad. Steve was my editor, publisher, and more importantly a good friend. After the challenges of writing a book about gun engravers for another publisher in 1980, I had no intention of trying another. It was with Steve's...
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    Engrave In 2019 notes

    Sadly, I also had to cancel at the last minute. My best wishes and regrets to all my engraving friends at the event.
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    Engraver Bill Gamradt article

    I'll go to the book store and buy that issue.
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    barrel pins

    What is an AIG .38 special.
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    Engrave In 2019 notes

    Looking forward to seeing my old friends and making new acquaintances.
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    Trying to Identify an engraver

    Your gun was engraved in Germany in the city of Frankfurt on the Main (river). There is also another Frankfurt on the Oder River. "Graviert Von Waffen-Weiss" Indicates engraved by the Weiss gun shop. The engraver may or may not have been named Weiss. The marking may indicate that the engraving...
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    Stonewall Jackson Rifle

    I got to see Mike's Henry at the OGCA. It is truly magnificent.
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    Question: How to shape objects when engraving?

    I have seen Sam's Bodmer sideplate also and Jerry is right. No photo can do it justice.
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    Question: How to shape objects when engraving?

    This is a link to my brother's tutorial using gravers and scrapers to sculpt relief.
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    Help, please: hand push engraving

    MD, I'm curious about why you dredged up this old thread after it has been dormant for almost a year and the OP hasn't visited this forum in all this time, so he probably will never read your comment. Just the same, your post generated some interesting later comments.
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    Critique Request First completed knife

    Your ornamental engraving is very elegant. Your border, as I'm sure you know, has uneven depth and alignment.
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    A Few Projects - Python and Rings

    ...and the hits keep on coming!
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    A couple free tips...

    Good tips Mitch. I learned from Ken Hunt (on Facebook) that if you sprinkle some baby powder on the Damar then rub it in to spread it evenly it gives a nice white surface for drawing.
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    Question: Thoughts on engraving onto plastic?

    I have used my regular hand engraving tools (gravers) to engrave in plastic many times. Many years ago I was head engraver for an award manufacturing firm. I cut patterns into Plexiglas sheets to be used by the machine engravers. I usually cut the patterns with a #52 round graver with a 50...