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    Critique Request First completed knife

    Your ornamental engraving is very elegant. Your border, as I'm sure you know, has uneven depth and alignment.
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    A Few Projects - Python and Rings

    ...and the hits keep on coming!
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    A couple free tips...

    Good tips Mitch. I learned from Ken Hunt (on Facebook) that if you sprinkle some baby powder on the Damar then rub it in to spread it evenly it gives a nice white surface for drawing.
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    Question: Thoughts on engraving onto plastic?

    I have used my regular hand engraving tools (gravers) to engrave in plastic many times. Many years ago I was head engraver for an award manufacturing firm. I cut patterns into Plexiglas sheets to be used by the machine engravers. I usually cut the patterns with a #52 round graver with a 50...
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    Help, please: "english" scrollwork

    Send your e-mail address in a PM. I visited the school in 2011. There are two copies there. I have not tried to access Marcus Hunt's site.
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    Question: What is a Scorper

    Scorper: a sharp chisel-like tool with a curved or squared cutting end, used to scoop out broad lines and areas when engraving wood or metal. I think Allan explained it well, "...what it's supposed to do instead of what it looks like." My guess is that the origin of the word is a corruption...
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    Help, please: "english" scrollwork

    Daniel, Here are enlarged detail images of Churchill's English scroll on the Purdey that is shown in your link. This gun along with others by Winston G. Churchill is featured in my second book American Engravers-The 21st Century. By the way, when did you study at the Berufsfachschule für...
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    Heel sharpening question

    In my experience, #2 will leave less or no burr, especially on deeper cuts. Another advantage of #2 is that you can heavily flare a cut using a square graver that would normally require a flat graver.
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    Help, please: Graver geometry to cut in depth

    One of the issues you face when engraving in a depressed area, like that of the watch, is hitting the edge of the higher area with the bottom of the graver which will leave a mark. Die engravers get around this problem with what is called an engraver's ring. It is simply a small ring like a...
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    Ohio Gun Collectors Association Show May 11th & 12th, 2019

    I plan on attending and am a member of OGCA.
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    practice plate

    I believe the Ithaca Lewis guns came before McGraw's time. Here is an example.
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    practice plate

    Here is a typical Bill McGraw 4E trap gun.
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    practice plate

    Bill McGraw style.
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    R.I.P. Ken Hurst

    If you would like to own a gun that Ken engraved look into the premium auctions that are held twice a year by Morphy Auctions and also Rock Island Auctions. Over the years, I have seen several of Ken's guns come up for sale at those two auction houses. A note of caution: Ken operated an...
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    Harbor Freight Recommendation

    After my air compressor died, I recently purchased a 2 gal. Ultra Quiet FORTRESS air compressor from HF. It is truly ultra quiet and provides the amount of air I need for my Lindsay Palm Control. I paid less than $200. for it, so I can buy five of them for the price of one of the high end...