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    BM 9mm

    No permit to buy a gun in KY. Just fill out the 4473 and pass the NICS check and off you go. If you have a CDWL you just show it and no NICS check. No permit to carry concealed or openly in KY unless, of course, one is otherwise prohibited (felon, under age, etc,). The very idea of getting a...
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    BM 9mm

    Do you have to have a permit to buy a gun in Michigan?
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    Honest Question

    That is a great video that Chris posted. I have watched it a couple of times in the past. I highly recommend it.
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    Help me identify engraver

    Good call. Shaw for sure.
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    Help me identify engraver

    I do not think it is Jim Small's work. In any case it is not the work of an easily recognizable engraver.
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    Building your own vise?

    The bottom of the Belgian vise pivots on a central axis. It is not a leg vise.
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    Building your own vise?

    This is what a proper self centering bench vise for gun engraving looks like. Note the depth of the jaws.
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    Building your own vise?

    These would make a good H&C vise mounted on the corner of a bench or a post however they lack jaw depth for some gun work.
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    Building your own vise?

    Where did you see in that ad that the vise is made in China? I could not find a country of origin. Also, I have no problem buying any foreign product if an equal or better product is not made in the USA. I have seen that vise advertised by both Grizzly and Micro Mark but have not seen any self...
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    Question: Engraver Identification

    I'm stumped on this one. The SR looks like the old Strum Ruger logo and the scroll is distinctive but I can't identify the engraver.
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    Guilloché, "classic" and English Fine Scroll engraved by Artesà machine.

    Leonardo, Are you free to say if any manufacturers have adopted the Artisia for decorating their products? Regards, Roger
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    Question: Any schools/courses for improving my hammer and chisel engraving?

    Roland Baptiste in Belgium has done some private instruction. Also Grand Master Alain Lovenberg, also in Belgium has recently held classes in his studio. Here is a link to Alain's Facebook page: Link to Roland's FB page...
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    .410 shotgun small scroll perfection

    I'm surprised that Trigger didn't name the engraver. He usually does in his blogs. He mentioned that the first of that kind was engraved by the Brown brothers. Perhaps they did this one. It may have been done by Vince Crowley. Paul Lantuch does much or the very elaborate work for WR but I am...
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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    This a link to Steve's obituary and funeral information:!/Obituary
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    Announcement: Steven P. Fjestad

    It is with great sadness that I relate the passing of Steve Fjestad. Steve was my editor, publisher, and more importantly a good friend. After the challenges of writing a book about gun engravers for another publisher in 1980, I had no intention of trying another. It was with Steve's...