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    Push Dagger

    Superb work, Brian!
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    Need A Better Microscope!!!

    I'm a 0.5x guy myself. The 8" of working distance is a great benefit to me, and both my Leica and Zeiss scopes are setup for 8". I should add that a 0.5x on a Meiji EMZ-5 will give you about 6" of working distance. On the Leica A60 it'll provide about 8". On my Zeiss scope I use a 0.4x to get...
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    Howard Dove shout out

    Congrats to Mike and Tom for the recognition! Sounds like you're having a good time, and I'm looking forward to FEGA. BTW, I met Howard Dove at the NRA convention 40+ years ago and he engraved a sample of his scroll for me. He's one of the first people I ever saw doing engraving.
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    A Bit More Two-Step

    Just amazing as always, Sam. Your scroll is to die for.
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    A Bit More Two-Step

    Incredibly beautiful work, Sam! How I love to see your projects. I hope we get to see this beauty @ FEGA!
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    Question: Newby question about sharpening

    The Apex is designed to work with GRS QC holders (the black holder you circled). You must mount your gravers into those and then plug them into the fixture. If you're not using QC holders then the Apex is might not be the best sharpener for you. If you're sharpening traditional gravers or...
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    Colt SAA Engraved.

    Engraving, casemaking, doesn't get any better than this. You did Winston and yourself proud, Damien!
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    Question: Engraveable watch dials

    Watch dials are made of brass and are very easy to engrave. The first thing you need to know is what kind movement is in the watch. Let's say it's an ETA 2824 or Sellita equivalent (Swiss clone of ETA). If so, find a dial on ebay or with a google search that fits ETA movements. The next thing...
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    Engraving Standing Up Using GRS Palm Control To Help With Back Problems

    Yes you can stand up and engrave just fine with GRS Airtact palm actuated handpieces.
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    Here’s my reply to your Facebook post in case you didn’t see it. ———————— Heel drag is usually the result of 10% graver geometry and 90% (lack of) graver control. You have some really good, clean lines, and a few with heel drag. You will notice that on gentle curves there's less drag, and on...
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    Perugini Visini progress pics

    It looks fantastic, Dan!! Very nicely done!
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    Sam Alfano's Tips and Tricks

    I don't understand why someone couldn't find my tips & tricks site. It's been online for over a decade and a simple google search locates it in 0.79 seconds. Thanks for posting the link :)
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    Question: Website suggestions

    I have a couple of good domain names for sale if you’re interested.
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    RIP Gianfranco Pedersoli

    Gianfranco's obit: The last time I saw him was 2003.
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    Couple more

    Beautiful work, Shawn!

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