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  • Hi Sam, I having trouble figuring out how to post to the buy/sell forum. Literally I don't see a 'new post' button. Is this a case of selective blindness? Thanks!
    Sam, I ran into this before and now again. I can't read previous parts of a post or should I say scroll back to read parts I read on other days. Whats wrong and how can we fix it?????
    Sam I made a mistake and copied the wrong FEGA Emblem ( The Master ) and didn't realize it till I did It now I cant get rid of it, Im not great at computers, WHAT DO I DO ! help please
    Mr. Sam, Rob Thrash here. I LOVE the book, thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge. If I download Linton's stuff can I burn on cd for postarity and portability please? Rob
    sam, when the format changed the pledge member banner disappeared on my name. I think it auto renewed but if I need to renew let me know
    Sam, why can't I scroll back to view previous parts of a post? all I can get are the new replys
    Hi' Sam. I've recently ordered the DVD's 'Graver sharpening and the Transfer wax combo. While searching through the tips section in the cafe, I found the GRS site PDF and was wondering if it would be possible to order items from GRS. Over here in Liverpool England is a struggle, when trying to find engraving equipment. I'm not familiar with over-seas shipment and hoping you could give me some advice. regards Tony Swale (catnip)
    Hi Sam: Hope this day finds you and Aby in good health. Pam and I are just enjoying life, spening time at our camp on the Oklawaha river. I have begun to slow down making knives, spending time on just prototypes, and of course my Sullivan banjo. talk later. Jack Davenport.
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