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    Tom White hone + GRS dual angle sharpener question

    You dont need the magnet! I made my own powerhone. And made the case out of stainless steel. So the magnet doesn't work on it. Just keep 1 hand on the base and 1 on the head. And your good to go.
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    SmartPro Air DO X

    And even Jura's machine is a copy of someone elses idea. Sergey Waltman is the original inventor of these type of gravers. It is the same type of machines that Shawn Hughes and others made. With the tirepumps. Here is Sergey's channel :
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    personal question for full timers

    If your current job pays enough to work 1 day less a week and still pay the bills. Then you can have 1 day a week to do engraving. And still have your weekends to do errands and relax. Then if the engraving starts to make money. There will be a point were you can engrave 2 days a week. And it...
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    SmartPro Air DO X

    Very much looks like a copy of the Jura/GRS Artgraver. Just look at the handpiece and the collets. The company that makes this is a Thai company. But doesnt have this product on their own website. Also at 2:55 in the video I think that they took some pictures from someone else's youtube video...
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    Does anyone know where to buy these tools?

    Thanks John! I would've guessed they would pop out during working. Guess I was wrong. In that case one can easily make some handles themself.
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    Does anyone know where to buy these tools?

    It almost looks like the graver part is soldered in to the bigger metal handle. A set screw wont hold it in place unless there is also a hole where the graver slips in to. No hole would mean the graver would slip out when putting pressure on the handle. Cant you ask the person who took the...
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    Does anyone know where to buy these tools?

    I am assuming you are asking about the metal tools left of the hammer? those are presumably made by the engraver. Get the right steel for a graver and grind the thinner part yourself. And in the shape, square 90deg etc, you want.
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    Micro Engraving

    He is even using performance enhancing drugs. This guy is truly devoted to his craft.
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    does anybody know

    This was in the comments under the video from John S IV: "it’s a #5 onglette cmax flipped upside down and then shaped by hand. If you try, using the blue diamond wheel will help you touch up the graver easier than just the grey shaping wheel." Also I think Keiji Kanagawa was the original...
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    An Excellent Air compressor.

    Makita is 58dB which is honestly very loud! You wouldn't want to sit next to it I think. Silentaire oilless are 62dB and above. Painfully loud. The most silent compressors are oiled and are between 30db and 42dB...
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    a little help would be appreciated...

    What about talking to a jewelry-store in a mall. And sitting there for a day and engraving pendants and other items for the customers as a special promotion. You happy, jeweler happy and customers happy. And no investment. If you find a buyer before you make something. Then you dont have to...
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    Gold solder flow issue

    For next time. You can also put the solder on the big sheet and heat from the top. On the solder. Then when the solder has flown on the big sheet. Then you place the small part and heat again. Or keep heating and add the small part. But then you need steady hands.
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    Homemade graver from repurposed V chisel

    What kind of graver shape are you wanting to make? 90degree or round or something else? If you cant get it to cut right your sharpening needs work. Have you made a small heel?
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    Cordless Mini Hone

    HA I have made something very similar. I have the same shape centers/pilars. But I have them in 2 rows. And have the back plate slightly angled. Then I used special double sided tape to stick em to by bench's backboard.
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    Greetings from Croatia

    What you can do, if you have enough thickness. Is to drill out the brass part of your template to 2,3mm or bigger. It will still work for smaller diameter if you have made a flat part where the locking screw will clamp. That way you will always orient the graver in the template the same way. If...

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