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    Stones vs Sandpaper

    Yes burnish first. It works but may leave a more brilliant surface. Just touch it up with either stone or paper. Did you polish the plate before engraving? If so, use the same after burnishing to touch it up. Just experiment with different methods to find what works best for you. I keep...
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    Pnline Calig4aphy Classes

    I just looked at the site I mentioned above. I Knew about it but never took the time to examine it. All I can say is WOW. There is so much information, lessons, sheets to printout, and over 50 rear books from the past that you can go through page by page. some of the modern examples they...
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    Pnline Calig4aphy Classes If you are really interested in script lettering try this sight.
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    Pnline Calig4aphy Classes

    If you are interested in doing fine script lettering you should search for Dr. Joseph Vitolo. I am not sure but I think there are excellent step by step lessons on YouTube.
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    for beginners

    It seems to me that we have had a number of questions from beginners. Welcome if you are new and a bit of advice. Nothing will get you off to a good start than spending time with a seasoned engraver. I think you will find it well worth the money to spend a day or two of instruction with...
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    Beginner Practice Plates Questions

    I get my steel at Tractor Supply, hardware store, anywhere I can find it. It comes in strips 2, 3, and 4 inches wide. Buying plates from GRS is expensive. I have a belt sander and use it to bring the steel to the polish I want. It will have some gray scale and needs polished to about 320...
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    Question: Complain to a non-engraver

    Check your mail in the upper right
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    Dividers and Calipers

    I have the same problem. Relax and don't use too much pressure.
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    Some forums have ways to send private messages. Do we have that here on this forum?
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    Question: 1-Step versus 2-Step Re-sharpening Process

    Yes, Sam is correct as others were. Don't think too much, just sharpen and be consistent. As long as it works like it should it is correct.
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    Shortening gravers

    Am I wrong or is that a file you are holding? You can grind gravers from old triangular or round files that could help getting started. I'm sure that is how others got started. You can also use old drill bits and grind them to shape. If it cuts steel you most likely can make a graver from it.
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    Design work

    Adding oil to the candle or using the marker. good tip I never thought of that.
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    Help, please: Winchester Engraving

    It is hard to tell. Need better photos. From what I see to me it doesn't look like factory engraving.
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    Beautiful! I have great admiration for those who work in stone.

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