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  • I would like to have copies of the engraving done by your grandfather and I am happy to provide you with pics of those I have. rmgreen@rogermgreen.com
    Mr. Gaylord - Leonard (Len) Brownell the past gunmaker from Wyarno, WY used your grandfather on many of the rifles he built. Len was instrumental in me becoming a professional gunmaker. You probably have pictures of most of these that was photographed of your grandfather's work on Len's guns but I also have a few. I am not sure how I can convey to you what I have that you may not have.
    I have two engraved guns done by your grandfather, trappers model 92 winchester 44/40 & colt frontier six shooter 44/40 . The guns were done together late fiftys early sixties, they were left to me by my late father, there extremely engraved & have gold , silver inlays matching one another, any info would be appreciated ,have pics of guns , please contact or Email peterfallasr@gmail.com
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