1. Keeling_Machines

    Critique Request Bulino work

    Hey all, I’m halfway finished with this Spyderco and thought I’d share my progress. I’m starting to feel comfortable with my bulino lines but I’m still struggling with bulino dots. I feel that’s it’s very difficult to get them to blend smoothly and consistently without it getting too dark and...
  2. J

    Stipple shaddinf

    Stipple shading help. I find that when I oxidize my engraving, I have to figure a way to sand off the excess oxidization resulting in taking away the darkness and smoothness of the stipple shading. Any thoughts? This is brass. And I know the shading is sub par- just learning. I use a Lindsay...
  3. N

    Critique Request First Bulino Attempt

    This is my first attempt at Bulino. I welcome any criticism, help, advice, guidance... I'm new to this, so be kind, please!
  4. J

    Announcement: Trinidad State's 2-weeks course has ended for this yr: Samples

    Michael Pierson taught me for 2 weeks. We covered a lot of topics. Samples attached include a bulino deer which has been grayed in stages to give it a cloudy antique appearance, and a banknote (sort of) eagle. Well . . . everybody starts somewhere. The products don't look like I want...
  5. mvangle

    2017 FEGA Seminar DVDs now available at FEGA.COM

    I am pleased to announce the 2017 FEGA Seminar DVDs are now available for purchase at FEGA.COM #63 Gold Inlay Technics by Master Engraver Bob Evans. $42.00 #64 Bulino Engraving By Master Engraver Simone Fezzardi $42.00 Set of #63 & #64 $56.00 Both seminars were well done by...
  6. stick

    DIY "bulino" graver holder

    Hello everybody, I would like to share my homemade graver holder for "dot bulino" engraving. I like to share this so newbies like me can make something like this if they like. It's really simple and cheap. Question: I don't know much about bulino engraving. So my question goes like this...
  7. E

    Critique Request Diving head first into bulino

    With the help of Meek's engraving bible, I've been teaching myself hand push and chasing for about two years. I've always been fascinated by bulino, but I haven't had much luck finding a lot of information about how to do it. A few months ago, I came on a rough sketch of how to shape a graver...
  8. T

    Question: Bulino Drawing

    Is Aluminum good for Bulino :drawing:Drawing ?
  9. V

    My bulino engraving and gold inlay on knife

    I am sending you a preview of my engraving on the knife. Here, I have used the engraving technique called Bulino dots and lines and gold inlay. The flower is made by enamel technique. Vlastik :graver:
  10. jaydf

    bulino line engraving

    Subject: Lion Material: Steel Dimension: 40mm x 55mm Work-hours: 10 hrs (approx) a short home made video clip ive made https://vimeo.com/75277373 photo of the finished practice plate ps: my first post, so guys pls be gentle on the comments :):thumbsup:;)
  11. vilts

    Critique Request Zippo No. 10 - bulino study

    Hello, It's been a while since my last post and to fix that problem I ask for your honest critique on this piece. I need to do 2 more females on metal, so they have to be better than this one :). I did start out by making too heavy cuts and that was hard to fix once I got the feel of how...
  12. vilts

    Critique Request Mr. Bulino, am I ready for the real deal?

    Here's my next go at that ever-popular bulino thingy. Last time I did only the portrait part of that image and it wasn't that big of a success. This time it's the whole butterfly-angel-lady in her beauty. Height from tip of the wing to the shoetip is 5cm (about 2"). Please keep in mind that...