1. F

    Protective Finish over engraving/colorfill?? Best Options???

    Ok so I need some advice here goes...I am looking for the best solution in terms of a clear coat to spray over my engravings. Some of my engravings are color filled and I am trying to see what the best clear coat is I can apply over it. Some options I can think of is duracoat clear, cerakote...
  2. E

    Good news from Endurance. Some great experiments made.

    A lot of people follow Endurance’s production news and are excited when we share our results. So, today is a good day to tell you about our accomplishments. The good news is that we are about to test our new 7.8W diode laser. It will be the most powerful diode laser from Endurance. Just...
  3. JJ Roberts

    Whale Tooth Schrimshaw of An American Bald Eagle

    Just finished this schrimshaw on a whale's tooth of an American Bald Eagle for a repeat client. JJ
  4. James_Ehlers

    Kansas/Kansas City Engravers

    Hello all, I'd like to make a list Kansas and Kansas City area engravers who professionally engrave part time or full time. I want to plan more field trips with my students and perhaps bring some people in to do demonstrations etc. Having a resource list of people would be handy. Please post...

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