engraving tool

  1. EngraverHand

    Stolen Lindsay PalmControl handpiece. Seller in here..

    This is a heads up and be aware of a seller by name Will Richardson. He´s a member of this forum and has sold quite a bit of engraving tools in here. This has also been posted to several hand engraving groups on Facebook. Here is a link to one of the open groups: Engravers Guild but I know many...
  2. J

    Rotary Engraving Tools for Glass Engraving

    Hi there! I just wanted to post my experience and pitfalls using rotary tools when glass engraving. Hopefully those who are looking to start may find this info usefull :biggrin: I started out using a dremel fitted with a flex shaft.. at first i found this very useful but upon closer...
  3. JJ Roberts

    Teaching At Montgomery Community College

    I taught at the Montgomery Community College, NC, which was sponsored by the NRA, August 1st to August 10th with ten students, it was a wonderful experience. The students were very excited to start learning. They were told to bring a project, and their own equipment, if they so desired. We...