1. A

    Sandblasting effect using GRS machine

    Hi All, I am looking to get the attached sandblasted effect using my GRS graver. Does anyone know what the best attachment would be? I was thinking the diamond point stippling tool but I can't seem to find examples/ it in action anywhere! I do ideally want the metal to be shiny still rather...
  2. A

    Question: What is the proper steel for machine engraving precious metals?

    I am the new owner of a machine engraver and I wanted to understand which steel is best used to cut precious metals like .925 Sterling Silver, All karats of Gold, and base metals like copper. I am not new to machine engraving as I learned on a Lindsay and I currently own a Pulsegraver. I have...
  3. F

    Help, please: Help a newb starting his journey from blank

    Good evening everyone, i need your help with.. well, it feels like everything. After suffering from burnout last year i want to reorientate my profession. Next year i will have an internship as a goldsmith - coming from IT - and since then i am following videos about engraving and kinda felt in...
  4. W

    Mystery object.

    can anyone identify this. I acquired a lot of hand gravers and this was with them. The arrow is pointing to a piece that swivels round.
  5. F

    HELP*** Questions on what gravers to purchase and what kind?????

    Hey guys so I am new to engraving but am very dedicated in learning so here are my questions: Background: I own a GRS GraverSmith with a 901 Hand piece. I also bought a couple of different Quick Change Gravers for it 1. What other gravers will fit into the 901 hand piece besides the GRS...
  6. T

    Critique Request Is My 120 Sharpened Correctly?

    Attached are a few photos of my 120 degree under the view of my scope at 7X magnification. Would love to hear input on heel length or general shape. I sharpen the main face to 50 degrees and 5 degree taper on the sides. The heel doesn't have a measured angle, just what i thought would be...
  7. T

    Question: Graver Tip and Heel

    Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening everyone, I am fairly new to the world of engraving and have been spending a lot of time lately working on my scroll design and basic line and curved cuts to get a feel for my GraverMax. I recently purchased a power hone along with a standard...
  8. Sierra Silversmith

    Carbalt vs. C-Max

    My question is for engravers that have used both Carbalt square graver blanks and C-Max square gravers and can tell me the difference, if there is any. Which square blank will give me the longest lifetime between polishing or re-grinding? I do push hand engraving/bright cutting into...
  9. J

    Graver starts to leave mark before actual cut

    I'm new to engraving but getting better. I have had a constant problem where I place the graver where I want the line to start and it almost always leaves a starting trail of a mark. For example a 90 deg. I have the releif at 10 deg and a small heel at 17.5 degs. I try raising my wrist and...
  10. X

    Help, please: 1st steps for a Rookie

    Hello all. My name is Kenny. I live in El Paso, TX. I am always very amazed by the artwork and skill that goes into engraving. While I was deployed I tried to do some research on trying to start engraving. I couldnt really seem to find the information I was looking for. I need to know what...
  11. RedfordTrails

    Graver Mach AT Leak (New Unit)

    Just wondering if anyone has had any internal leaks on their mach AT units. My compressor wont run for days with the mach turned off, but if I turn it on my compressor will run every 5 minuets even though I'm not using the hand piece. It seems it uses air just to have the hand control...
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