knife engraving

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    Boker knives

    I engraved the bolsters on these two Boker knives for my son's. Each with their initials.
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    Question: My first knife! 2Cr13 SS?

    This was a very informative project for me. I have never cut into any Stainless steel before except for an old practice plate, and I'm not sure that was even SS. Not knowing much about SS I decided to give this 2Cr13 SS handle a try. After struggling with it for a while I figured it out! Im not...
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    SpiderCo Knife

    I engraved these two SpiderCo knives a couple weeks ago. I have not posted pictures of my engraving before. Still taking classes and trying to learn all I can in the awesome art.
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    Critique Request Friendship knife ... Bucks are so easy.

    I added a new album consisting a few pictures of a Buck knife that I engraved as a friendship gift to my long time friend. Here is a link to the album: Any comments would be welcome. I apologize for the quality of the images. I'm finding...
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    My bulino engraving and gold inlay on knife

    I am sending you a preview of my engraving on the knife. Here, I have used the engraving technique called Bulino dots and lines and gold inlay. The flower is made by enamel technique. Vlastik :graver:
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    Starting the New Texas Knifemakers Association!

    There has been a void in Texas for custom knifemakers. The Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association folded and is no longer active. Several custom knifemakers have expressed interest in forming a new association. If you are interested in being a founding member of the New Texas Knifemakers...