lindsay air graver

  1. J

    Problems setting up Lindsay Bench Jewel Airgraver

    Hi, everyone! I recently received a Lindsay Bench Jewel Airgraver system as a present, it was purchased second-hand off of eBay along with the basic sharpening system. When I connect the graver compressor hookup and foot pedal to the air regulator, it doesn’t cause the piston to kick off, only...
  2. F

    Question: Lindsay and GRS graver compatibility

    Hello, this question is in regards to beginner tool purchasing. I am interested in the art, but have limited means for equipment. I wanted to try out a bit of hand push engraving and was looking at the Lindsay site and the GRS site and am very confused about which graver blades can work in a...
  3. Jericho

    Question: Engraving Tool Preferences

    :thinking: I am starting to think about getting a "true" engraving tool. I have started out with a high quality rotary tool (which against popular belief does not make a total mess of projects) but I see the obvious need for a tool that can get crisp thin cuts on the knives and firearms that I...