1. D

    Help, please: Meiji Emz8-Tr to handycam camcorder

    I’ve searched long and far for proper instruction on combining a Sony handycam to the trinocular port of my Meiji Emz8tr. All of the videos and pictures I’ve seen of this set up involve some sort of adapter piece I’m having trouble finding. Can anyone supply valid links (and or photos) showing...
  2. DakotaDocMartin

    Firearms Photography Lighting Setup - How it's done for the Walther catalog

    An old photographer friend of mine sent me a bunch of photos of how the firearms photos are being made for the new Walther catalog. I am sharing them with you. I think the use of soft boxes, diffusers, white card stock reflectors, hanging wires, etc. will help anyone wishing to improve their...
  3. B

    Ron's latest Kious

    I took these Tuesday at Ron's. Up close and personal it's even more beautiful!
  4. KCSteve

    Tutorial: The Hobo Nickel Studio

    The Hobo Nickel Studio This is cross posted over at my website - click here This tutorial shows you how to construct a little photography aid I call the Hobo Nickel Studio. It's inspired by Roland Baptiste's clever idea of turning an empty milk jug into a mini-macro studio. He noted...

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