1. W

    Question: Ring Holding Fixtures

    What is everyones opinions on the different ring holding fixtures (Ringenie, Jura QC Basic set, Lindsay Expanding Cosmos, and Lindsay Bench Jewel)? Also are they interchangeable with the others vises (Jura in Lindsay PalmControl vise or Expanding Cosmos in GRS micro blocks)?
  2. C

    Engraving Tungsten Rings

    Hi, all! This is my first post in the Engravers Cafe. Fist off I would like to thank everyone for adding their own tips and tricks. This page is a great resource. I am planning to make a wedding band for a dear friend who would like tungsten. Really my plan is to find a plain ring and...
  3. Hora

    14K golden ring

    Finally I found some time to engrave a 14K golden ring. Size 20mm, 5 mm wide and 1.4 mm thick. The pattern used I studied from Marcus Hunt “English Fine Scroll” DVD and book. Simple in design but hard to master. One of the most difficult things cutting was the 2 lines following the outsides of...
  4. P

    blowing in the air...

    White gold with diamonds color F (VVs1) and an oval Peridot blowing in the air... hope you like it... you can see more creations on secreto estudio de joyería (Facebook)
  5. B

    Ring finished

    Ring Material stainless 316 and 24K gold (background) With 10mm Diameter exterior 21mm Hight of the ring band 1.2mm Sculpting depth 0.8mm this depth was necessary for the gold inlay) The last picture i took my self sorry the quality is not like the ones took by a Pro.. It's ONE ring! Now up...
  6. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Some unusual Ti work for a ring [photo]

    This is a design I made some time ago and it is one of my favourites because of its strength and simplicity. It is meant to hold an expensive stone like a 3 carat diamond. This time a customer had a golden pendant with this quite big blue sapphire in it. I forgot to weight it but must be over...
  7. didyoung

    custom ring

  8. RedfordTrails

    My first wax carved ring.

    Normally I like to fabricate because I like taking simple actions that directly translate into something that looks nice and is already done. However I decided it was time to stop being scared of wax and try it. Here is my first ring I've made carved from wax. It is a two piece ring made...

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