black paint?


Apr 14, 2019
That had been my suspicion that this is a readily available enamel type paint packaged and priced as a speciality paint for this segment. I've not tested this against the Testors enamel model paint which is near equal in price for the relative quantity. Wife has some of this paint too.

I don't know how well this will adhere relative to the depth of the background. Last night I was reading the steps for some of the paints I use for airbrushing. For metal application the recommended procedure is to chemically clean then use an air erasure (fine media blast) of the area so that there is a textured rough surface for paint adhesion. Those paints also require a top sealer to be applied. These paints come in quart+ sizes so that Black Antique at 2 oz. buys a quart from a more mainstream source. There are so many paints that one would have to call and speak to the dealer how this can be used within the engraving/metal industry.

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