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Feb 25, 2009
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I was fortunate in being able to attend the Drawing and Designing class at GRS in Emporia, Kansas last week with Marty Rabeno.

I was a bit skeptical when signing up for the course as I have little to no artistic ability and even less talent when it comes to drawing. My stick figures don't even look like sticks. I was amazed to find how wrong I was after completing Marty's first assignment. I found that drawing CAN be learned! It was an enjoyable but demanding week as Marty pushed us into unfamilar waters as we learned then would back off just at bit at just the right time letting us return closer to our comfort zone. But we all learned and progressed with each assignment as we looked at scenes and learned what constituted a good design and why. We then added or subtracted to make a scene better then drew it. We used different medias building on basic concepts all week. And while the great renaissance masters need not worry about their legacies, I and the rest of the class made great strides and left with basic principles for drawing and design that we will be able to build on and only improve in the future.

Thank you Marty Rabeno and GRS for what you have given me! I can only hope you will continue down this road and offer more drawing and art related classes in the future and hope others will also find their hidden talents. As Marty stated very early in the week "I can teach you how to cut lines in a few hours. Now what are you going to cut?" A very simplistic statement but very true and revealing.

Please note I am not a GRS employee, my uncle or brother do not work for them, and I didn't get a price break on my next class (yes there will be more) or free engraving tools. I just feel that a good program needs to be reported so others might also benifit from them. All the best, Don Hansen.


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Nov 19, 2006
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Thank you for this encouraging post! I wish I had been there, Marty has a long experience in the fine arts, as well as an engraver, and like Lee G and Sam A, just the kind of person to be teaching drawing and design for engravers. I do trust that Marty might give some thought to making a DVD? I would be the first to order an advanced copy.



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Nov 10, 2006
Hi Don, I would have loved to have taken that class also. Glad to here it was just as i would have anticipated it to be. I agree with rod on a new dvd. I am unable to travel and be away much anymore. I do have the fega one though. Thank you for that one Marty.


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Nov 10, 2006
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Thank you for the very kind words on my drawing class last week. It was something totally new the I was trying and I was real pleased with the progress that everyone made in the class. Plus it was a lot of fun for me to sort of revert back to the old art teacher mode that I was a part of for so many years. I hope you finish that engraving plate that you started in class as it had a lot of great character and life to it. With a little luck and interest from people it would be nice to give it another go around next year and maybe add some more courses and different teachers also.
Maybe one of these years i might try a DVD or something. Right now as Don and the rest of my class knows, I'm just trying to play catch up business wise and physically after having back surgery a few weeks ago. So let's say Don, we both survived the week with flying colors. Hope to see you again in a class sometime

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