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Apr 27, 2009
Liege Belgique
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So I searched a bit in the course i had last year about the English scroll.. The picture batist uploaded came out the same course but i dont have it but can still find i ask the teachers.
Anyway i uploaded some pics to help you with the basics..
Some British engraves don't like the Belgium way of engraving english scroll.. But the way i learned it with this heavy cut's gives the english scroll more dept and character than the "real'" English scroll. But again every engraver engraves english scroll differently..
But there are rules and some very very important ones. Also at Leon Mignon we start with this style engraving it is a very good base for other ornamental styles..

Here you se how a scroll must be shaped the space for the "leafs" is the same!! The scroll at the right side is the correct one. Also when drawing ornamental drawing try to use this type of scroll design this way your leafs wont go from huge to small ... Which is disgusting and lumpish.. But unfortunately i see this mistake everywhere this gives the elegance!!!

Rule number two. you never want to see a big scroll starting at a small scroll!!! And the scroll start most be fluently!! Left scroll design is the right one.

Here we se a step by step how the leafs are cutted. This is personal. Me Personally prefer the big cut under the leaf to be longer more "leaf" style so the leaf are longer and not that short. But if engraved correctly is is super to!

Here you see how the scroll is formed and the leaf are engraved and how you have the small leafs at the outside of the scroll the may not touch the scroll!!

Here you see 3 styles of small leafs which we engrave at the outside of the scroll. From simple to more complex

Also very important to give depth character to english scroll is to shade the first leaf and ball. So the start of of your scroll goes from dark to light.

Shading the outside of the scroll is also important it connects the small leafs with the scroll this also gives more depth. If you shade the outside of a scroll it will come out. (Important for this drawing the leafs are engraved incorrectly!! the big cut under the leaf is wrong)

Here some pictures of 3 drawings these drawings i have drawn and engraved last years. I don't have the plates with me but i'll try to upload some pict of my plates later this year.. sorry for the bad quality

Here you see my first english scroll drawing notice the white spacing this has to be perfect.

Here an other of my drawings an other style also verry small english scroll max 4mm diameter no small leafs at the outside of the scroll. But we have bouquet of flowers..

Here a more free style english scroll drawing i made last year..

English scroll and how to make it looks elegant!!: some will say this isn't real english scroll but it is looking elegant and much nicer a good study piece engraved by the Belgium master Jean Marie Martens

Master Engravers who master the English scroll perfectly and where you can find pics of their engravings here on the forum ore on the net; Jean Marie Martens, Pascal Jacoby, Alain Lovenberg, Wiston Churchill

In the future i hope to make a video of how to engrave english scroll it is quit simple but there are some small tricks. I use a simple 90 degree burin and a onglet push graver

Me personally i'm not a fan of english scroll, and PLEASE i don't want to be rude but don't start asking stupid questions.. Yes they do exist... Search and do it yourself thats the hard way but thats the way you will make it!!
Oct 3, 2018
Hi Bram, we're there once photos that go along with this article on elnglish scroll? I don't see any attachments now so maybe they disappeared? Any chance you would take the time to re-upload the pics? It's very well written and I just wish I had a reference to go along with the text. Thank you!
Oct 3, 2018
Your work is absolutely beautiful by the way! Your watches were some of the first photos I saw of high quality engraving and that's what sparked my interest in hand engraving to begin with. Thank you for sharing!


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Oct 14, 2018
Ser Bram Ramon. !!!! I have studied all your drawings, photos, products. I watched all your videos. This is all a great and beautiful product .. Very many good works in instagramm. I and my colleagues consider you one of the best engravers in Europe.

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