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Dec 28, 2008
Saudi Arabia
I am trying to cut English scrolls, guided by the book and DVD of Marcus Hunt. So far I discovered for myself that I must use different gravers for the ringing and for the inside-work and I still must re-sharpen a lot. The cutting is in 400 material. The whole engraving is 18mm by 10mm. The bigger scrolls are 7 x 5mm and I have blackened with a sharpie. The outside-work has still to start.

So far:
For the ringing, I try to have the scrolls the same size. I use the Universal jig for sharpening with the 32mm long tube. I cut outside-in. The channel tapering, I continue until it has a width of 1/3 of the total scroll width. Than that width I try continue till the knob.

For the inside-work I use a different graver. I use the same jig but with a shorter 18mm tube for the shield to be steeper and the 32mm long tube for the heel. This gives me less breaking of the points. I try to evenly spread the peddles and leaves. I did not do any shadings yet.

Please have a look and advice for any improvements.



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Nov 10, 2006
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The symmetry and scroll relationship seems good to me. I'm sure when the final shading and tight lines are completed it will be well done.



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Jun 22, 2016
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As a beginner working on the same thing the forms look quite good to me. I'd agree that the cuts, particularly the ringing, or spines, seem a little deep. A small detail that I obsess about on my attempts is the end of the plunge cuts. Like mine yours have a lot of pointed rather than rounded ends. I think that is due to the graver rising forward and up rather than popping the chip out, but I stand to be corrected.
Nice to see a post from someone else also working on this form.

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Mar 8, 2013
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You are on the right track. It will get smoother as you go. The cuts are definitely not too deep. When one considers that the scrolls are only 5mm in diameter things just look that way in an exploded photo. To get a better teardrop on the inside work, try experimenting with different gravers. Maybe a wider geometry. What I use won't cut the same for you so it just pays to experiment. Also since you are using two cuts to make the inside tendrils, try and make your first cut as smooth of an arc as possible and be sure to start at the same distance from the backbone to maintain consistent backbone thickness throughout.

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