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Jun 7, 2024
Good morning, engravers!

My name is Jeff Miller, and I want to thank the moderators for approving my account.

I'm not an engraver. I am a sculptor who makes decorative motorcycle parts out of cast bronze. I don't want anyone here to think I'm trying to promote my business here, so I won't list it. (I assume if you google "jeff miller omaha motorcycle parts" you'll get there).

I do bas relief sculpting digitally (I use ZBrush), then produce a 3D print from that. The 3D print is then used to create a rubber mold, which in turn is used to create a wax copy of the original print. I then do lost wax casting (exclusively in bronze) to make the piece.

I joined because I have a client who is looking for a piece with the number "128" sculpted on it. I'm really not the guy for making generic parts, so I had the idea of dressing it up with decorative scrollwork. Seemed simple enough, until I started researching it, and realized I was completely stumped in terms of composition. Which is to say, I can look at an example of some nicely executed scrollwork and envision how I'd go about sculpting it as bas relief, but I'm at a bit of a loss figuring out how implement the basic layout on my client's piece...without it looking like a 12 year old did it, anyway.

With that in mind, I joined here, mainly so I have access to all the images. I'm hoping that will give me a bit of inspiration on how to tackle my project.

If I've still got you after all that, thank you for reading. I look forward to learning from all of you.

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Feb 11, 2007
washington, pa
very interesting. a few of the members have done harley d parts. some were true examples of working on a scsle unknown to ":non bike engravers" i have done a few pars for harleys. it was fun till i recvd 2 front fenders to do. it only took about 2 days to devise a way to hold the huge beasts to properly engrave them.
if yer not familiar with scroll design principles, i'd think it would be nightmarish to try planning such. i wish you the best of luck. btw" there are several books on scroll design and development, these books show how to design in odd shaped work surfaces. very much worth the price imho.
Jul 1, 2016
Well, how awesome is that! Hello, neighbor!

I'm a Resident Artist at the Hot Shops Art Center downtown. Do you ever get down this way?
Yes, actually my studio is within walking distance just 1.5 blocks North East on 11th street... Bench Omaha. I'm usually here 10-3 during the school year.


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