Jura Artgraver engraving machine?

Oct 3, 2018
Seems like the theme is if it ain’t GRS or Lindsay it ain’t no use. Well ..... what about the PULSEGRAVER ....... I have all three and I like it better than the other 2. All 3 are quality. My point is that just because it isn’t GRS or Lindsay doesn’t mean it isn’t quality. It also doesn’t mean it is quality too. I am only an occasional amateur and not a professional So my experience is limited.
I agree, that's not always the case, and we shouldn't forget that in reality all you need is a single piece of tool steel and a hammer to get started. I'm intrigued by the pulse graver and would love to try one out someday. But at the end of the day, all you need is something to move the graver or chisel forward, whether it be by hand, hammer, or air power, oh and electricity if we're talking pulse graver . For the beginner, I'd still recommend them to build a Shaun Hughes style homemade machine, the Rick Alexander machine is the best thought out and tidyest version of Shaun Hughes machine. I doubt very many, if any, of the experienced engravers here in the forums have used one, but I bet they would be surprised by its performance. Mine cost me about 175 total, along with a handpiece and it's ran strong for 2 years now. Another nice thing is even if the most expensive part of the machine fails, the compressor, then it's a $40 dollar fix and a half hour of time at most. So imho, the homemade machine is a great choice on a budget, or for those who just want to give hand engraving a try. I recently built another for my father, who's a goldsmith of 30+yrs and he's been using it for bezel setting, texturing metals, etc. And he loves it! I will say one last thing to be clear, The GRS and Lindsay systems are truly top of the line tools. I'm sure the pulse graver is as well, I just have no experience with it. But anyways They took years to engineer and refine to arrive at the quality they are today. The innovation and craftsmanship is ever evolving and they continue to find ways to improve their systems.


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I can't imagine anything better than what I have now. The only complaint I have is my silent compressor gets oil into the lines at times. At any rate, I'm too old to change now. I would rather have the money for other things. Every time I buy a new gadget I find it's not as good as what I have. And selling it is a pain in the brain. Just because you have a guitar exactly like Eric Clapton doesn't mean you can play like him. It's not the guitar that makes the music, It's the finger that does the picking.

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