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Apr 17, 2017
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I have a S&W bodyguard model 649 that is heavily engraved, does not look factory. There are engravers signage on the butt of the handgun, and hopefully I can post some pics. The marks are Eng. CW 3/A. It also has some unique ivory grips that might suggest the engraver. Have any of you seen this mark before and can you help with the engravers name? Thanks for your help. You can click on the pics for more detail look.



Roger Bleile

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Oct 4, 2007
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I have checked my FEGA Historian archives and can't find a "CW" signature like that. There are two gun engravers that I know of that have the initials CW. One is the German master, Claus Willig and the the other is Charles L. Weiss, an American. Claus always signs "C. Willig." The example I have of Weiss' signature shows "Eng by C. L. Weiss." In both cases their engraving looks nothing like the engraving on your gun.

Unfortunately lots of little-known American engravers put initials and/or cryptic symbols on their work that can never be deciphered years later.

Given that the engraving on your gun is fairly contemporary work, maybe, someone who visits this site will have an answer or, maybe, the engraver him or herself will see it and comment.

If you find out who it is from another source, please let us know here.


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