lowered gold background inlay?


Dec 29, 2013
Hi All,
I'm very much a beginner in inlay but figured there is no better way to learn/improve than by jumping right in.

I wish to try inlayed gold in a depressed background similar to this technique of Alain Lovemberg (but in small items like coins or a ring). I think I have a basic understanding of flush/raised inlay but was wondering if anyone has a step by step tutorial or dvd they can recommend on this background inlay technique?

I have many questions like ..

- Does this background inlay involve a different process compared to flush/raised inlay?

- Can gold sheets be used to inlay or is it best to use gold wires? What is the thickness of inlay gold material? Where can one buy it?

- How does one finish the inlayed gold surface with lowered background and details of grey metal surrounding it?

- Last but not least, does the edges where inlay gold meets the grey metal require a different technique compared to undercutting for a flush inlay?

Appreciate any help/advice/recommendations.. thanks