NASA Psyche Inspired Artwork

John B.

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::::Pledge Member::::
Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Approve would be a gross understatement. Your work is what most artists dream of, an inspiring project and a very gifted and sensitive mentor.
I looked at your work before I read about your program. I say magnetic fields radiating from an otherworldly object. I would say you literally knocked one out of the park.
A very inspiring project. Thank you for sharing and thanks to John for another very well trained engraver.
Brant, thank you for your insightful and well deserved praise of Monica's artwork.
She designed and created it entirely in her own workshop and I was as overwhelmed and amazed as you when I first saw it.
As you said.....she hit it out of the park.
Thanks you for your kind words.

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