New Transfer Tips

Todd Daniels

May 21, 2007
I wanted to post two transferring tips that I shared with the students in my "Monogram and Script Engraving" class last week at GRS. I hope you find them helpful.
1) Making Chinese white more like transfer wax:
First, wet your finger and rub it on a bar of Kirk's Original Coco Castile soap, then rub that onto the metal plate.
Next, dip your finger in Chinese white and rub that onto the plate mixing it into the soapy film.
Finally, let the solution dry (just a minute or so).
Now you can draw or transfer on the dried solution.
The benefit to mixing the soap into the Chinese white is that the soap prevents the Chinese white from flaking off and gives you a more durable transfer surface than Chinese white alone.

2) Super Durable Transfer Process:
First, clean the plate with acetone or alcohol and let dry.
Then, use a regular sharpie permanent marker (preferably a lighter color like red, orange or yellow) to completely color the transfer area and let dry completely.
Now, take the image that has been printed by an inkjet printer on a transparency film (I used 3M Transparency Film for Inkjet printers #CG3480 and an HP Photosmart All-in-One printer) and place printed image face down onto the prepared surface.
Burnish, and the image will transfer very clearly and will be very durable.
I have found these simple processes to work as well as other solution-based transfer methods. I find it amazing that this simple sharpie solution will receive an inkjet printed image so well. Try it and post what you think! Todd

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