Save a Buck now Diamond Power Hones

Tom White

Nov 23, 2006
Hi all,
I hope this is not considered a blatant advertisement but honestly I consider it a heads up.
I am going to let everyone that has been considering a hone or any of my products that I am offering a MEMORIAL DAY discount of 5% on everything for orders totaling over $100.00.
At checkout simply type SAVE5 in the coupon code blank. It will work until 5/31/2023.
On June the 1st. I am going to increase the cost of all the machines by 5% so if you purchase right now you will actually be saving 10% compared to if you wait until next month. I have no choice all of my components have increased that much or more in the few years and I have not increased my pricing. The cost of my machines is already several hundred less than the other models on the market. The Diamond Power Hone by TW Designs will remain a better cost option even after the increase but I honestly can not absorb any more of the increased costs.
I hope this is considered a forum service announcement and doesn't get deleted.
Tom White