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Dec 17, 2011
San Rafael
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Has anyone been to a class the school? Any travel tips or your experience would be welcome. I have been to many GRS classes, but Wes seems to be offering some very interesting and diverse classes. I am signed up for my first one in June. Thanks in advance for your experience. IMG_0027.JPG


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May 28, 2019
I went down for a Cowboy Silversmithing class in Jan 2019. Wes had a lot to offer and it didn't matter the subject, if you asked a question, he would give you all the time it took to show you or answer it. Kinda ran with no particular agenda. He let the class say what they wanted to see and learn and took it from there. Everybody did their own thing. A couple of us brought current projects and he offered to have us finish them in class, or just talk about and give advice. I brought several dozen pictures of other artists work, and he explained how they did it, how they achieved a finish, or offered suggestions on a process. I asked to see stone setting and gold inlay and on the last day, we did both. I came home with a charm/key ring with my daughters brand and some scroll work on it. He showed us brazing, sawing, engraving, etc. He supplied the sterling silver and the gold filled overlay material. He bought lunch everyday and opened up early and stayed way late every night. I'll be going back!

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