The danger of digitals by SAM ALFANO


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Dec 18, 2014
One of the benefits of digital drawing is the ability to quickly duplicate and mirror designs. The bad news is that you can mirror and duplicate the same errors over and over. Not a good thing.

Another potential problem with duplicating is shown in this example. The large bottom scroll on the right was duplicated and scaled to produce two more scrolls to create a tapered design that we often see. The problem is that the internal elements in the scrolls are also scaled down, resulting in a mismatch of element size. It’s most apparent in the smallest scroll.

The scroll on the right was not duplicated and each element was drawn in. The result is a design with elements that are much better balanced. They’re going to get a bit smaller, but not like the example on the left.

Lastly, duplicating the same scroll multiple times results in a design that screams “computerâ€￾. I’m not saying it looks horrible, but drawing and varying each element results in a design that draws you in and keeps you there as you follow its tendrils and discover interesting variations. There’s no better example that Ken Hunt’s work.


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